I saw an old friend last week and she said – I didn’t know if we would  still be friends.  We were out on a walk, bundled in jackets and toques in the cold rain, stopping occasionally to let the dogs go pee.  She didn’t know if we would still be friends, and yet somehow we are.   And this particular friendship seems to constantly surprise me. Superficially we seem to grow apart but at the same time our lives always parallel enough that we can still understand each others secrets of the heart.

I am in the process of moving back to Ontario after spending the last couple of years in British Columbia.  And as I step back into old places and relationships from which I’ve been gone a long time, I am finding that I don’t remember all the street names.  But I still remember what’s important.  I remember the secrets of these places and of these hearts.

And now as I sit in bed, as the tail end of a cold sweeps through me, surrounded by bags half packed, I’m mentally preparing to move to a new city.  Trying it out.  Playing it by ear.  Improvising to create the life that I want.

I can’t know what it will be and I’m okay with the unknowing.  Today I lay in bed sleeping off the sickness. Tomorrow will be a new day.

108 Poetry Challenge to raise funds for the Young Adult Program!!

Garden - Singing

Fall 2014, I participated in the 108 Poetry Challenge to raise funds for the Young Adult Program at Yasodhara Ashram.  The Young Adult Program supports young adults to explore their ideals and bring them forward in their lives.  It had an incredible impact on my life and hundreds of other participants who have moved through the program.

My goal was to write 108 poems in 6 weeks and raise $1000 for this amazing program, both of which I completed. You can scroll down or click here to read my poetry!

And if you still want to donate – you can even though the official fundraiser is over – click here :)!!