Can you fall in love with someone in the comments section on Youtube?

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I was reading the comments on one of Sufjan Stevens’ newly released songs.   Someone (dragonman) said something insightful about the meaning of the song and someone else replied ‘Dragonman, I think I’m in love with you.’

And I thought – wow – can you fall in love in the comments section? But then again, as a newly converted online dater, the comments section suddenly doesn’t seem too far off.

We live in a digital era, where every aspect of life has a digital platform.  From personal (FB), to work (LinkedIn), to political (twitter) to dating (OKC) I am online.  Each with it’s carefully tailored profile – the perfect picture, tone, diction for the specific platform.  And as I start to date strangers, I suddenly realize that giving out my cell phone number is far less personal than giving out my last name.

And so it’s scary and there’s a vulnerability in painting my thoughts, opinions and photos online. But there’s also the freedom that comes with being vulnerable.  This is me, these are my thoughts.  Take what you will.

And so I give out my last name and cell phone number and say take what you will.

This is me.

The Spaciousness of Being Single


It’s the first warm weekend in the city so I bike to the park
I find a big tree to lean my bike and my back against
Dappled light
And I am alone

Everyone is out – families, couples, gangles of cyclists – playing frisbee, having picnics, drinking beer and I suddenly hope desperately that I’ll run into someone I know – an old friend, a new friend, an acquaintance, anyone – so I can join into this togetherness of being with loved ones in the sunlight.

But then I notice two small girls each holding the leash of one small dog,
running down the steps,
And a skinny Indian boy standing up on his bicycle riding fast,
And two small boys run up to me and ask if they can hide behind the tree with me.
“Who are you hiding from?”
“My dad!”
They run away giggling to the next tree ahead.

And I finally notice the first flush of leaves, lime green, bordering the sky,
and the sweetness of a young couple sitting on a bench beneath the trees
and I realize everything is as it should be.

And I remember there is beautifulness
to being alone,
and there spaciousness
in being single.