IMG_1318How do you come back to daily living?  How do you re-enter your life?

I had the most amazing and beautiful trip to Nunavut.  I spent a lot of time alone on the ocean and came back into myself.

Now – re-entering my day to day life – I seem to have lost the sparkle.  The city seems grey and dull compared to the expansive North.  I’m not sure how I can weave my experience of the arctic into my getting up, drinking coffee, taking the subway, working at a computer.

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Stepping back: take a bird’s eye view on your life


I am writing you from the arctic.  I just got back from my morning walk out on the bay where the wind whipped my face red.  It is sunny and beautiful but -22 degrees Celsius.

After the walk I went for breakfast in the Grind and Brew café.  There were checkered table clothes on all the tables and music filled the space.  The egg and bacon English muffin was fresh.

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What to do when you’re stuck


In my last blog post about my big trip up North, I wrote about the fear I was having about the trip.

I was stuck in this place of fear. Everyone was telling me about how lucky I was and how excited I should be and I didn’t feel any of that. Instead I felt scared.

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