Tossing and turning, back and forth: making big decisions


A couple of weeks ago started looking at one bedrooms, bachelors and studios to rent.  I am moving out on my own. As I scrolled through Craigslist and Padmapper looking at prices, pictures, areas of town, my chest felt tight.  I started to panic. Could I really afford to live in this city? Could I really afford to move out on my own?  Maybe I should move somewhere else.  I called my dad and talked through the idea of moving to Thunder Bay. What were the pros, the cons.  I ended the phone call by deciding to sleep on it.

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The Last Year of My Twenties



I recently had a birthday. On Sunday May 1st I turned 29 and in my birthday card a friend wrote, “The last year of your twenties – what will it bring?”

I had thought my 29th was a boring birthday. But this shifted my thinking – what do I want to do with the last year of my twenties? What has this decade been about? What have I learned in the last nine years?

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