I wrote this on Facebook a couple of months ago and then realized I never shared it with you all. I decided today that I want to.

So I know that this might not be a popular thing to say but I am actually completely head-over-heels into God.

The feeling I get when I dance like no one is watching, when I walk barefoot in the forest, when I listen to music this for me is connecting to God. It’s me living fully and freely and wildly. It’s living without fear of judgement.

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The Unexpected and Beautiful

I felt empowered by my decision to drop out of teacher’s college but when I woke up new years day in 2011, I was terrified. I had spent new years eve with a couple of friends and that was the last concrete plan that I had. I woke up with the expanse of my whole life in front of me and no idea what to do…

I was living in Thunder Bay, my roommates were cool, rent was cheap so I decided to stay. I went back to the drawing board, surfing the internet and hitting the pavement. Searching for a job that felt meaningful. I drank Baileys in my tea in the morning and begged my busy friends to go tobogganing with me.

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Jumping Off the Cliff

After I finished my undergrad degree, I went to Lakehead University for teacher’s college because they had an outdoor experiential education program. I was excited – I loved working with teenagers, I loved being outdoors so it seemed like a perfect fit.

My first class was in a beautiful old stone building. I was staying with a friend temporarily and she gave me directions. I walked to class. I sat with a fresh notebook and bright eyes ready to learn everything I could about quality education. My teacher started class and he didn’t seem as enthusiastic as I was but I wasn’t too worried. I settled in, taking notes.

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