Your Dream Life

At age 31 Katy started designing handbags because she felt there was a lack of interesting accessories that had personality but were still stylish and functional.

She created 6 prototypes out of scotch tape and paper and convinced a manufacturer to produce them.

For the first 3 years, the bags were carried by Barneys and Fred Segal but the company wasn’t making a profit. She thought about closing it down. They were self-funded and everything was paid for by Katy’s husband.

Their fourth year in business she won the New Fashion Talent in Accessories award. Julia Roberts and Gwenyth Paltrow endorsed the brand and soon nearly every woman had a Kate Spade bag on her shoulder.

She got excited every time she saw someone wearing one of her pieces. She created the dream business that she wanted.

But Kate Spade is a tragic example of how success, money and fame can’t make you happy.

Despite a net worth of $200 million and a beautiful daughter, she suffered from depression and died by suicide at age 55.

You’ve been conditioned to believe that your dream life is “out there.”

Once you get the dream job, you’ll be happy.

Once you find the perfect partner;

Once your business earns a certain amount of money, you’ll be happy.

And then, you achieve one goal and a higher one.

You fall in love, but you’re still not happy with your career.

You have the kids you’ve always wanted, but now they’re screaming and annoying you.

Your business had a $2K month, but now you want it to have a $5K month.

So pause.

What have you already created that the you from 10 years ago would be ecstatic about?

In what ways are you ALREADY living your dream life?

Because you can be a millionaire but constantly scared you’re going to lose it all.

Or you can be in debt and know that you’re investing in the future you want and enjoy this part of your journey.

In what ways are you ALREADY living your dream life?

Comment below and tell us to solidify these ideas!

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