Quantum Leaps are Natural

Let me explain.

Most standard sized apple trees take about 8 years to produce fruit. 

So you plant a seed or buy a seedling. And then you water weekly and add compost for 8 years with NO TANGIBLE RESULTS. 


But then on the 8th year, there’s a quantum leap. This tree that wasn’t providing any food or income for you suddenly does. And then for the next 40 – 70 years, it produces apples.

Maybe even for the rest of your life…

Wouldn’t it be easy to give up on year 7? 

To say to yourself: why bother watering this tree every single freaking week, if it’s not going to produce any fruit?

But then you’d give up on a lifetime of juicy golden delicious apples.

And this applies to your business goals too.

Maybe you’re not yet good at marketing your heart centered business. And maybe you’re not seeing the sales you want yet.

And maybe it’s even been a few years and you’re frustrated and you want to quit.

But once you learn how to market your business well, you’ll know how to market your heart centered business for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

You learn and practice and fail and learn and practice and fail and then something clicks and you get it.

There’s a quantum leap.

And then there’s consistently 3 – 5 people reaching out to work with you every single week.

This is the exact work I do with clients.

So if you’re struggling with this aspect of your heart centred business, I can help.

I want to offer you a free one-hour consultation where we’ll talk about where your business is, where you’re stuck and what can help.

Book FOR FREE here.


Comment below if you have any questions.

Keep watering your goal. Every single GD week ;).

You got this,


Author: Bryn Bamber

Career Coach Bryn Bamber helps people like you find a career that’s aligned with your goals. Her Burnout to Brilliance program teaches you how to make small shifts that will free up tons of energy for the things you really love. Start today with your FREE Checklist: Decrease Stress and Get an Hour of Your Day Back! Get it here - tinyurl.com/getanhourback. Learn more about Bryn & the Burnout to Brilliance program at www.brynbamber.com.

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