My Knee Injury’s Money Lessons

A few weeks ago I woke up and literally had to HOBBLE to the bathroom because my knee was in intense pain. 

What has healing this taught me about money?

    1. Use Your Intuition

      The first thing I did was SLOW DOWN. I stayed in bed, massaged my leg and tuned into my intuition about what would help. My intuition told me to book acupuncture, so I did that.

      If you’re having money issues, start by slowing down and being kind to yourself. If you were socialized as a woman, you were socialized to not think about money. So actually money issues are par for the course.

      Once you feel grounded, ask your intuition “what is the first step to solve this.”

      Listen and take the first step.

    2. Pain Can Indicate Healing

      I hurt my ankle two years ago and the muscle and facia built up around it to stabilize it, but unfortunately, it was stabilized in the wrong place. That’s what pulled my knee out of alignment.

      As my ankle heals, it’s becomes tender and a little painful so that it can move back into the proper alignment.

      Sometimes when you’re healing a money block it becomes tender so that it can heal. It doesn’t always feel good, but that’s part of the healing process.

    3. Crisis can be a Gift

      My acupuncturist is trained in traditional chinese medicine so I’ve been healing my knee, my ankle and also gut issues connected to it. I’m feeling better on ALL levels.

      If you have a money crisis, it’s likely caused by an older money injury that never fully healed.

      These old money injuries sometimes have nothing to do with money. They have to do with getting needs met, with receiving and self worth.

      My most powerful money injuries are people pleasing and over-giving. As I heal these deeper blocks, I have fewer surface money issues.

If you have old money injuries I can help!

I help clients unearth challenges they navigated in childhood that are affecting their current income. 

If you have the intuitive sense this is happening, I want to offer you a FREE one-hour consultation where we’ll look at what old money injuries might be holding you back and what can set you free. 

Book FOR FREE here.


Take the best care,


PS If you have a knee or ankle injury and want an amazing acupuncture referral in Toronto, message me and I’m happy to share!

Author: Bryn Bamber

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  1. in my experience and injury is caused from an in-jury — I am judging myself – usually unfairly – the quicker I can explore and discover – the quicker the in-jury heals.

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