Certification in Advanced Somatics Techniques

My 4 year somatic training was the one of the most life changing things I’ve ever done.

I went from:

      • My longest relationship being 6 months to an amazing 2.5+ year relationship
      • People pleasing at work and feeling totally drained to feeling resourced even after a long day, most of the time
      • Worrying about whether I’d ever have a best friend, to having so many deep nourishing supportive friendships it’s ridiculous
      • Being in scarcity mode most of the time to being in abundance mode more and more

It literally changed every part of my life. And I’m so grateful.

And since then I’ve seen how somatic work with clients has led to them:

      • Finding love after 15 years of failing (like me!)
      • Landing the professor job that felt impossible and actually pays $20K more than she was expecting
      • Having her Instagram TAKE OFF and her DMs full of folks asking for her specific kind of coaching

Which is why I’m ON FIRE about as many people as possible to have access to these life changing somatic tools!!

I currently work part time at the Montreal Institute of Core Energetics, which is a 4 year amazing program. But I know some people are already certified as a coach or a therapist or a healer and don’t want to do another 4 full year program.

And that’s why I created the Advanced Somatics 6 Month Certification. It’s for people who want to learn advanced somatic techniques but who don’t need a 4 full year program.

And the amazing thing that happens when you use advanced somatic tools with your clients is that they:

      • Get even more incredible results in the realms of career, romance, money and health
      • Are excited to keep working with you
      • And tell all their friends about how amazing your work is!!

So learn more about this 6 month certification: www.brynbamber.com

Curriculum Includes

      • Trauma Informed Somatics
      • High Anxiety Clients
      • Somatic Techniques to Heal Patriarchy
      • Healing Trauma with Somatics
      • Diversity Equity Inclusion Informed Somatics (co-taught by a special guest teacher)
      • Working with Resistance
      • Somatic Techniques for When Your Client Wants to Quit
      • And more…

Plus the best way to deeply learn somatic tools is to experience them yourself. So you’ll have the opportunity to work on your own shit, using somatics!

So the top secret BONUS of this certification is that you’ll not only learn how to use these tools with your client but you’ll learn how to:

      • Heal through somatics
      • And set loving boundaries with you own inner critic

This certification is going to make your practice EVEN MORE profitable by getting both you and your clients deeper and more meaningful results.

If you have questions about it, email me at bryn@brynbamber.com :).

If you want a FREE Consult, to see if this certification is the right fit or not, book it here.

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To helping the world heal,




      • getting better results for your clients,
      • attracting more clients,
      • making more money ,



Author: Bryn Bamber

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