I’m taking a stand for Facebook…

I got angry when I heard Samantha Bee say she would erase Facebook if she could go back in time.

It’s not perfect. But things like the #MeToo Movement, the Black Lives Matter movement would not have been possible at this level without social media.

I remember searching the hashtag #metoo and reading post after post and it helped me be more aware of the fucked up things that happened to me, too.

During the 2013 Israel Palestine war, I followed a regular citizen in Gaza getting updates on what was happening in his neighbourhood, and humanizing the war in a way that a reporter rarely can.

I have some best friends even in Toronto who I’ve initially connected with on Facebook.

And brilliant passionate kind clients on the other side of the world thanks to it.

It’s not a perfect platform and yes it’s created decisiveness and spread misinformation. It needs readjustment, rehabilitation.

But I can’t imagine my life without those dear friends and dear clients and I can’t imagine the world without #metoo and BLM.

It’s a powerful tool like money or water, that can be used as a force for good or can be used for decisiveness or with bad intentions.

Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater…



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Author: Bryn Bamber

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