Is manifestation bullshit?

I’ve never fully trusted manifestation. Airy fairy bullshit…

But I’m trying it for Jan and Feb and its working. Ppl are coming out the woodwork to ask to work with me.

My job is to keep this ball of energy in my belly flowing.

So if I’m feeling tight or terrified I have to do something to help get the ball of energy going (dancing, funny podcast etc)

And then when the ball of energy is rolling do inspired action in my business.


Love you!


PS Anxiety sometimes blocks my ball of energy… If you’re in Toronto and want to learn to work with your energetic body in an even deeper way (and/or to help your client do it tooooooo) come to the Saturday Somatics Workshop on Anxiety!

Super deep somatics!

PSS If you wanna go super deep into your own ball of energy and helping your clients do this too, the Advanced Somatics Certification is for youuuu!! Check it out:

Author: Bryn Bamber

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