“I’m a bad person”

My core wound is believing deep down I’m a bad person.

And it permeates every area of my life. I was writing down the mission of the Advanced Somatics Certification yesterday. Things like:

      • Helping more people access the somatic tools that completely changed my life
      • Teaching these tools from an intersectional feminist lens
      • Being an example to all women that it’s safe to make a lot of money and an example to somatic healers in my field who are often underpaid

And my brain was shocked by the mission.

This core wound believed: I’m just greedy and selfish so I want people to sign up for my certification.

And I had no idea about this unconscious belief but it seems to come up in every situation that I’m wrestling with. This belief that my motivation is always bad…

But I’m learning to:

      • have my own back, no matter what
      • and love myself no matter what

Even if I make a mistake or lose money or hurt someone.

Yes I want to learn from mistakes and sometimes apologize.

But I still want to love myself despite the mistake.

Growing up I got praise if I was smart, kind and hardworking but there wasn’t always unconditional love. Sometimes, there were conditions.

And I feel sad when I think about little kid Bryn going through that. I want to give her unconditional love now. It’s actually the best feeling in the world. 

So if this is one of your core wounds too, try having your own back no matter what! It’ll change everything!



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Author: Bryn Bamber

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