Charging a higher rate than my teachers…

I’m scared to share this but I’m now charging a higher rate than literally everyone I know in the somatic field of Core Energetics I was trained in.

Higher than my teachers who’ve been doing this work for 20+ years.

Higher than the Core Energetics practitioner who I’ve been seeing for the last 5 years and who’s absolutely brilliant.

More than my friend who introduced me to Core Energetics and who started her practice 4 years before me and is super talented.

More than the founder of the Montreal Institute of Core Energetics who I look up to and who I work for part time.

And I LOVE charging a super high rate and working with amazing clients who are all in on their goals and giving them my best.

I LOVE being a trailblazer in my field and showing my colleagues that they can charge a higher rate if they want to.

I LOVE subverting the workaholic mentality that if you genuinely care about this healing modality you have to work yourself to the bone.

I LOVE being an example to folks socialized as women that you can be a good person with a good heart and get paid super well.

A huge part of healing the patriarchy is changing folks socialized as women’s relationship to MONEY. 

And if you want to charge a super high rate, I fully support you too!





PS By charging a high rate, it also allows me the time to develop some tools and workshops and offer them FOR FREE! And I’m so passionate about healing the patriarchy through the somatic tools that COMPLETELY changed my life.

If you want to learn FOR FREE I’m offering an online workshop Monday March 13th 8 pm EST. The recording will be available for a limited time afterwards. Join here.

Author: Bryn Bamber

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