Women Dominated Professions are Paid Less 😡

And there’s even research that when more women join a field, the average salary goes down!

So I raised my price to something WAY HIGHER than the average Toronto therapist. And here’s why you should too (especially if you were socialized as a woman!!)

So yes, low income folks should have access to therapy as well as access to dentistry and healthcare.

In Canada, where I live, everyone has access to free healthcare but not to therapy or dentistry.

Now I’ve RARELY heard that, “Dentists shouldn’t charge so much! They should offer a sliding scale!”

But with therapists you hear this ALL THE TIME. “$150 an hour is SO EXPENSIVE!” Discounting the time for: marketing, accounting, invoicing, professional development, and the costs of office space rent, supervision costs, an assistant if she has one etc.

Here’s the kicker. The majority of dentists are male, 65% and as of 10 years ago it was 75%.

And the majority of therapists are women: 70%.

So when it’s a female dominated profession, they’re asked to lower their rate, offer a sliding scale.

Whereas I don’t think I’ve honestly ever heard someone say that dentists should lower their rate…

If we want to close the wage gap, we need professions that are female dominated to be paid MORE not LESS.

Free healthcare should cover therapy so everyone has access. Not be funded by women who are on average underpaid.

So if you are in a female dominated profession and want support asking for a raise or raising your rate I HAVE YOUR FUCKING BACK!! Message me if you want a pep talk for free and for fun!! I’m on fire about this shit, so I’d love to pump you up!!

Sometimes there are messages stored in the body that are holding you or your clients back from raising your rates or asking for a raise.

If you want to learn Somatic Tools that can help YOU and YOUR CLIENTS heal internalized bullshit from the patriarchy, I’ve designed a workshop exactly for you! Come to this FREE WORKSHOP online Monday March 13th at 8 pm EST. Or watch the recording afterwards.  Deets here. 

Open to all genders. I’d absolutely love to have you :)!



Author: Bryn Bamber

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