Wow patriarchy still alive and well…

Women being silenced…

Yes I blocked those asshats/ppl who are in a lot of pain… Don’t worry…

The comments don’t really get to me, a little bit but not really bc it’s from strangers who clearly have completely different values…

But it reminds me why I do what I do!!

Which is exactly why I created the FREE WORKSHOP Somatics to Heal Patriarchy.

And you’re invited!

You’ll learn:

      • How to heal patriarchal trauma in your body
      • How to use these tools with your clients

I’d love to have you! It’s specifically designed for coaches, therapists and healers but you’re also welcome to take it to apply these tools to yourself!

Learn more here.

And keep showing up! We need your voice to heal this patriarchal fucking mess of a world !!




PS This is also why when you take the Advanced Somatics Certification, you’ll also get certified in Feminist Somatics.

The somatic training I took completely changed my life but wasn’t taught from an intersectional feminist point of view. 

In this certification you’ll have a full module on:

      • Somatics to Heal Patriarchy
      • And another one on Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) Informed Somatics co-taught by a guest teacher DEI Expert who’s also trained in Expressive Arts Therapy, Leslie Heydon.

Get certified in these life changing tools!

Author: Bryn Bamber

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