Soul’s Purpose

I’m struggling with the voice that tells me I’m an egotistical asshole for pitching myself to speak on podcasts and at conferences.

It makes it hard for me to show up and do what I’ve committed to doing to promote my business.

What’s helping me get over is asking myself about my soul’s purpose. Like why the eff am I even running this business in the first place???

The answer I’m getting is about healing intergenerational patriarchal trauma.

First in myself, then in my clients and then in my clients’ clients through running the Feminist Somatics Certification.

So when I get scared I’m an egotistical asshole, which is a patriarchal thought to begin with, I can tune back into my purpose and stride forward.

And in the Feminist Somatics Certification, I’m going to teach you how to help your clients connect to their soul’s purpose as well.

First they complete the stress cycle so more blood flows more to their prefrontal cortex and they have easier access to their intuition.

Then they can use their intuition to learn more about their soul’s purpose and take small steps towards it!

I’m teaching you how to do this FOR FREE this Thursday at 10:00 am ET in the Supercharged Somatics Workshop.

So if you’re ready to connect to your soul’s purpose and help your clients connect as well then LETS FUCKING GOOOO.

Grab your coffee or tea and show up bright and early Thursday at 10 am ET for the Supercharged Somatics Workshop!

Jump in! <3


See you there!


PS If you’re in the GTA and want to supercharge to the NEXT LEVEL make sure you come to one of the Saturday Somatics Workshops I’m running with somatics savant Pablo Cortes. He’s been doing somatic work with clients for 25+ years and is insanely talented. We’ve created 4 workshops you’re going to LOVEEEE!!

Learn more here!

Author: Bryn Bamber

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