I’m a creepy needy selfish fame obsessed weirdo

The spirit of my business has challenged me to pitch myself to 100 conferences and podcasts in 30 days and I have to say it’s fucking harrowing.

Typing words on a screen is not, in fact, harrowing. But the patriarchal thoughts pummeling me while I try to type are… 

So I have to keep bringing myself back to my soul’s purpose of healing intergenerational patriarchal trauma through somatics and sharing these feminist tools on podcasts.

I have to overcome my own patriarchal thoughts to be able to help others overcome theirs.

And that’s why in the feminist somatics that I teach, cleaning out the old patriarchal thoughts is an essential step part of the work we do.

So if you wanna learn how to help your clients complete the stress cycle in order to tune into their brilliant intuition and create new juicy af thoughts that kill the patriarchy, you gotta come to the free workshop TOMORROW aka Thursday at 10 am ET!!!!!

Supercharged Somatics Free Workshop is teaching you that exact process.

Coffee, feminism and somatics are 3 of my fav things and that’s why I’m bringing them ALL together.

You better effing be there ;)! 

Commmmeeee ;)!





PS My new juicy af thought about pitching is: I love connecting with cool ppl and pitching myself to share feminist somatic tools that BURN DOWN THE PATRIARCHY!

PSS Spirit of your biz is a concept created by my amazing coach Simone Seol! Follow her if you want all the spiritual ethical business genius.

PSSS TORONTO: The Saturday Somatic Series is going to be LIFE CHANGING. I can’t even explain what a somatic badass Pablo is… in Montreal a few weeks ago I watched him take a huge risk while leading a workshop, completely throwing away the original plan in a way that invited the students to take big steps into their leadership and create deeper connection in the group. It was one of the best somatic classes I’ve ever been a part of. SOOO powerful. And we’ve committed to take even more risk in these upcoming Somatics Workshops.


Author: Bryn Bamber

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