Money Mistakes

Sometimes you buy a marketing course and never open it.

Or order a dragonfruit smoothie and don’t like it.

Or you think you know your sister’s size so you buy her non-refundable shorts at the Nike store and then they are in fact the wrong size.

Oprah and Jeff Bezos and Martin Luther King have all made money mistakes. And I’ve made these money mistakes. Part of being human means mistakes are unavoidable!

And you get to decide how to react to mistakes. You could think:

“It wasn’t the right time for me to open the course in 2022 but summer 2023 is the perfect moment to dive into it. I’m brilliant for buying it and opening it at the right moment.”

Or “I bought this course and then realized, the content is aligned with toxic capitalism so I won’t ever be opening it! Now I know the signs of toxic capitalism so next time I won’t be buying this trash.”

Or “Glad I took the risk on the new flavour! I’m glad I’m a risk taker! Sometimes I find the best flavours and other times it’s not for me! ”

Or “Yep I bought the wrong size because I’m a freaking human being! Whoopsie daisy!”

I currently have some debt and my thought about it is: I’m such a badass for investing in those courses. I’m so proud of myself!

And I’m so grateful to live in a country and at a time in history when women are allowed to have debt to fund their badass businesses! Yay for my debt!

So if you’re beating yourself up for money mistakes or for debt, STOP IT!

Be kind to your tender earnest heart. Mistakes are not a problem. Decide how you want to react!

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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