My Ego…

5 ppl registered for last weekend’s in-person workshop and my ego immediately went:

      • How embarrassing to only have 5 ppl, the participants are gunna think you’re unpopular (oh hello, high school Bryn…)

      • You should definitely postpone the all summer workshops so I don’t suffer this embarrassment again

Then the workshop was deep and heartbreaking and hearting-putting-back-togethering in part because the 5 participants who did come were freaking incredible and ready to dive right in. And in part because Pablo and I are a somatic dream team ;)!

I left the workshop feeling so lucky to get to do this life changing somatic work with the coolest ppl…

And it reminds me that part of working with my ego is just accepting it’s gunna be there. I’m going to have neurotic high school popularity contest thoughts probably until the day I die.

And when I notice them, I’ll put them in the same category as my worst case scenario thoughts.

That my survival focused brain is just doing its scarcity thing. Nothing has gone wrong. I’m human.

The goal is not to eradicate these young parts that are confused and scared and embarrassed.

Because brain stem surgery does not exist…

And also the goal is to not let these ego-type thoughts take over my whole life and make all my decisions for me either.

I’ll be selfish and jealous and greedy and petty until the day I die. And you will be too because you’re a mammal with a survival focussed brain.

I’m a gritty grimy dark witch and I like it ;).

And my invitation to you is to welcome your dark parts too.

Sooo we are NOT postponing the next two Toronto somatics workshops. So if you wanna come for heart breaking and heart-put-back-togethering type work, learn more here!

And if you wanna go even deeper into somatic techniques that are Anti-Toxic-Positivity, the Feminist Somatics Certification was created for you. Learn some of these tools for free at the Somatics to Heal Patriarchy Workshop on Burnout THIS THURSDAY (tmrw!) at 10 am ET.

And you’ll also get the recordings for the Shame and Patriarchal Productivity Addiction Workshops too!

Join here ;)!

Author: Bryn Bamber

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