You’re good inside…

Last night, I got an email that made me question if I’d fucked up or done something wrong.

One of my biggest struggles has been feeling bad inside. That I’m tricking everybody and that one day they’ll find out the truth, that I’m a bad person who hurts ppl on purpose.

Whenever I hit a road bump, my first unconscious thought is “it’s all my fault because I’m a bad person.”

Becky Kennedy wrote a parenting book about how your child is good inside, even when he’s hitting his sibling. When you approach parenting from that perspective, you set loving boundaries and get more curious about what’s happening for your kid.

Now I’m not a parent but if I was, I’d be consuming everything she creates!

And last night I found myself automatically reminding myself that I’m good inside. That I make mistakes, for sure, but most of the time my intentions are good.

And even if I lose my temper and lash out, I’m still good inside. If I need to I can apologize and repair.

That being good inside doesn’t mean you never make mistakes and never hurt anyone. That’s a perfectionistic standard that no human will ever meet.

In 1986, Oprah had a few members of the KKK on her show. At a commercial break she realized they were using her platform to recruit more members. After that she vowed to never let a hate group use her platform again.

In Seat of the Soul Gary Zukov teaches that everything you do in your life should start with an intention.

And after having the KKK on, Oprah decided to make sure each episode of her show had an intention.

When producers were pitching ideas, she’d ask: what’s our intention with this?

And that’s part of what made her one of the most popular tv shows of all time.

Oprah’s good inside even though she’s made some huge public mistakes. And you’re good inside even though you make mistakes too.




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