Everything Changes All At Once…

I’m nervous to share this…

I’ve been doing some deep work with my coach and realizing that Feminist Somatics, although I love many aspects of it, isn’t the work of my heart. 

I thought I was going to run the feminist somatics certification for the next 10 years, if not more, but as I sit with the coaching she’s given me, I’m realizing there are parts of the certification that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, but there are other parts that aren’t in my zone of genius.

And so I’m going to finish this round of the certification with the current participants but I’m not reopening applications this month. If you are really interested in the somatics certification program, leave a reply or email me at bryn@brynbamber.com, and I can let you know about a few options that I’m still offering.

But this will no longer be my focus.

My focus is shifting back to doing deep work around your childhood trauma and how that trauma has been making it more difficult for you to achieve your goals.

So maybe you’re projecting your unavailable dad onto your current clients and feel betrayed if they change their minds.

And the young part of you that was betrayed by your dad, needs love and care so she doesn’t come up as much at work.

Or maybe you’re projecting your older sister who made fun of you onto your boss and so work is incredibly painful and you never have the energy to ask for a raise or apply to other jobs.

And again the young part needs love and care and kindness.

I feel nervous sharing this because I feel I shouldn’t change my mind all of a sudden. But my intuition knows this is the right direction.

Book a free consult with me because you’ll learn how to heal the childhood trauma that’s holding you back today.

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PS Pablo and I are running the final Saturday Somatics Series workshop on Sat Sept 23rd on the Wisdom of Pain in the West End of Toronto, if you or your clients struggle with chronic pain, this is for you <3 !!


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