Sometimes I’m posting and posting and it feels like it’s not moving the needle in my business…

I go into a fear/shame spiral where I tell myself: I’m not cut out for this, I suck at marketing, I’ll never break through, I don’t know what I’m doing.

But the longer I do this, I realize that plateauing or dry spells are just part of working towards any goal.

Corrinne Crabtree says in weight loss sometimes you’re eating healthy… but nothing changes for weeks and weeks.

And it’s easy to give up in those moments. It’s easy to stop posting or eat a whole carton of ice cream.

But the ppl who keep going during the plateau, are the ones who have the smoothest time achieving their goals.

Sometimes you’re applying for jobs and networking your face off and nothing’s working. Until 3 months later when you get a call from an old friend who you emailed in your networking efforts. They say their company just posted a position and they can put in a good word for you.

Or when you’re swiping on the apps and the guy who has a deep, kind voice says he wants to meet up but cancels last minute for the second time in a row. And the last two dates you actually went on, you knew within the first 30 seconds there was no chemistry. And everything sucks.

But then a week later you start chatting with the corporate guy who messages back quickly and is funny and smart and is clean shaven on your first date and you talk for hours.

Plateauing is part of the process.

It doesn’t mean that you suck at business, that you’ll never lose weight, that you’ll be unemployed forever, or that no one will ever wanna date you.

And it’s kinda the most pivotal part of working on your goal…

Can keep asking ppl out when you’ve gotten 3 nos in a row?

Or can keep networking and applying for jobs when you’re literally getting crickets?

And it’s not about just forcing yourself to DO IT ANYWAYS but it’s an opportunity to comfort your inner child and then keep going.

My inner child says, “I’m not going to cut out for this. I’m never going to succeed.” And then I promise that I’ll take care of her and do whatever it takes to make sure we have food and shelter and everything we need.

Then when she feels relieved, I keep posting and making offers.

So comfort your inner child. Ask them what they need.

And then when they feel a bit better, keep going.


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Author: Bryn Bamber

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