Black Friday Sale


From Friday Nov 25th – Monday Nov 28th there’s going to be a FUN BLACK FRIDAY SALE:

The Advanced Somatics Techniques Workshop – $̶1̶2̶0̶  $80 CDN

This is perfect for you if you love nature, are a little weird and witchy and love the shit out of your clients.

You’ll learn somatic techniques:

– For high anxiety clients

– That heal trauma

– That heal patriarchal conditioning

You’ll get so many insights from the contributions and questions of the attendees who attended live and you’ll receive the Advanced Somatic Techniques Manual so you can start using these techniques with your clients.




The Feminist Somatics Course – $̶5̶5̶0̶ $300 CDN

The magical thing about working with your client’s body in a feminist way, is that unplanned positive outcomes emerge:

– She falls in love which she secretly wanted but hadn’t really said out loud

– She has unexpected relief from crippling anxiety

– Seemingly out of nowhere they sign soulmate clients


My 4 year Somatics training was one of the most life changing experiences.

And I want to share this magic with highly skilled coaches, therapists and healers who don’t need another 4 year training but want to add deeper somatic tools to their practice in a feminist way.

Since you’re still reading, I can tell you love your clients and want to continually deepen your skills.

I want to start by celebrating that. Celebrating you. And how much you care about your people. And how you’re doing amazing work with them ALREADY!!



– Being Trauma Informed
– High Anxiety Clients
– Being Diversity Equity Inclusion Informed (taught by special guest teacher)
– Healing Trauma with Somatics
– Somatic Techniques to Heal Patriarchy
– Working with Resistance




If you have any questions about either of these products, hit reply right now because I’d love to get your questions answered :).

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