This moment, right here right now, is your whole life. Everything else is a thought about the future or a thought about the past.

I’ve spent my life chasing accomplishments.  Once I find an amazing partner I’ll be happy. Once I have this amount of money I’ll relax. Once I resolve this fight with my friend, I’ll feel more peaceful.

But I’ve realized that I could spend my whole life never fully getting “there”… because whenever I achieve one goal, another goal pops up.

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Somatic Techniques for Codependence

In codependent relationships on an energetic level your energy is enmeshed. And sometimes even though your energy is enmeshed your heart is closed to protect yourself.

In a healthy relationship you can step in and out of the other person’s energy field, so you can empathize with them but you can also step away (either physically or energetically) and feel your own feelings about the situation.

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Embrace Your Inner Bitch

Folks socialized as women are taught “don’t be a bitch” which translates to “don’t get angry.” And folks socialized as black women get a double whammy with the “don’t be another angry black woman” message…

This might not seem like a big deal but it can decrease:

      • Your income
      • Your access to pleasure and relaxation
      • AND it can cause health and relationship problems!

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You might’ve learned that receiving always had a catch. You had to give back, even if it was something subtle like praising your mom’s cooking.

As I type this, I feel the heavy icky feeling of obligation in my chest.

The good news is healing this will impact your love life, money mindset, ability to enjoy vacation, career fulfillment, all the things.

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