Feminist Somatics Course

The magical thing about working with your client’s body in a feminist way, is that unplanned positive outcomes emerge:

– She falls in love which she secretly wanted but hadn’t really said out loud

– She has unexpected relief from crippling anxiety

– Seemingly out of nowhere they sign soulmate clients

My 4 year Somatics training was one of the most life changing experiences.

And I want to share this magic with highly skilled coaches, therapists and healers who don’t need another 4 year training but want to add deeper somatic tools to their practice in a feminist way.


Lesson 1: Being Trauma Informed

Lesson 2: High Anxiety Clients


Lesson 3: Being Diversity Equity Inclusion Informed taught by special guest teacher Leslie Heydon

Lesson 4: Healing Trauma with Somatics

Lesson 5: Somatic Techniques to Heal Patriarchy


Lesson 6: Resistance, When a Client Wants to Quit & Somatic Countertransference




I have 4 bonus somatic trainings for you here :)!

Processing Resistance Somatically (30 minutes)

Following Your Client’s Intuition + A Tool for Neurodiverse Clients (20 minutes)

How to Process Emotions Somatically (30 minutes)


Advanced Somatic Techniques Workshop  (2.5 hours)