Finding the Awesome Partner Page

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I’m both scared and excited to make this. I’m sick of online dating and am looking for an awesome partner, so I’ve put it out to my friends on FB to find me someone who is a great fit.

Let’s start with a bit about me…

I LOVE to dance!

I love to SING!

I love my sisters more than anything!!

I teach youth about the justice system…

A project I organized on police complaints –

I’m obsessed with these amazing women!

I started a podcast!

I’m strong as fuck


I going to launch a course called Sacred Career Design on my 30th birthday (May 1st!)

And I’m going to therapy school part time.

Awesome Partner Qualities

This is what I’m looking for in a partner:

  • kind and caring
  • loving
  • curious and playful
  • believes everything happens for a reason and our challenges are where we can learn the most
  • values themselves and the work that they do
  • financially stable
  • loves nature and physical movement
  • loves music
  • values therapy
  • sees the relationship as an opportunity to learn and grow together and where conflict is part of growth process
  • spiritual
  • values animals
  • wants kids
  • grounded
  • lives in Toronto
  • sexy
  • good kisser
  • magical
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