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What about days when you feel unmotivated?

What about the days when you don’t want to get out of bed? When you don’t want to open your laptop?

And when you are sitting in front of your computer and in TOTAL RESISTANCE to send the email or write the blog post that’s a personal development opportunity.

BELIEVE ME, I’ve been there. I wake up some days and want to sleep or Netflix or do whatever I can to avoid the work I have planned.

Maybe some part of you:

  • Wants to stay safe and small
  • Is scared of what people will think if you succeed
  • Doesn’t want to feel salesy and sleezy

It’s super important to explore what your particular kind of resistance is and so you can actually learn and evolve from it.

So what will help you move through your resistance?

Join me this Monday at 1 pm EST for a 100% free webinar called, What’s Stopping You From Attracting Your Ideal Clients.

In this webinar you’ll explore:

  • What is the kind of resistance that’s holding you back
  • What to do on the mornings when you wake up and feel unmotivated
  • How to get to the other side of the resistance and attract lots of your ideal clients 

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Building a business is an amazing opportunity to accelerate your personal development because it asks you to take risks, to be seen, to value yourself and your work in ways that having a day job usually doesn’t.

Questions? Email me at or text me at 437-344-0345.

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