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I work with sensitive souls, like you, who want to run a business that’s aligned with your purpose. The only problem is:

-You need more clients

-You’re stressed and overwhelmed

– Everyone is telling you to HUSTLE but it’s not working

And that’s one of the the reasons I created the Sensitive Soul’s Business Academy. The Academy combines the latest research in internet marketing with spiritual principles so you learn how to build a business that’s uses your gifts as a sensitive soul and where you attract clients easily.

I help you get clear on where you want your business to be in 10 years and then take the simple steps towards building a life and a business that you love. A business that’s profitable and a life where you sleep better and have more energy.

It’s not about working 16 hour days. It’s about capitalizing on your strengths, aligning your business with spiritual principles and automating the parts of business that drain you.


– Love you business but also feel drained by it?

– Want more clients?


– Tried following what business experts are telling you but you just end up exhausted?

– Tried to hustle and work all the time and it’s just burning you out?

What’s what makes the Sensitive Soul’s Business Academy amazing is that it’s designed exactly for who you are as a sensitive, empathetic and heart centered business owner.

It’s not going to ask you to do and try everything. It’s going to help you tune into your intuition and find out what activities are going to make the biggest impact. Then you’ll then build systems that allow you to focus on your strengths and grow your business.

Imagine you could wake up every morning and work on a business where you:

– Feel confident in your strengths

– Have a waiting list of clients

– Have time for yourself, friends, your family

– AND you’re seeing real changes in your clients lives


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That’s exactly what the Sensitive Soul’s Business Academy was created to do: to take you from a situation where you feel exhausted by your business to a place where you feel confident, you love the work you’re doing and you’re relaxed about your finances.


This three month program runs Sept 6th – Nov 29th, 2018 and includes:

– Weekly coaching classes (recorded live Thursdays at 7 pm EST) on topics like selling for sensitives and attracting clients you love so you know exactly what to do to grow a business you love. And don’t worry, you can watch the replay if you miss the live class.

– Private Facebook Group so you can meet other sensitive business owners and
all your questions are answered quickly.

– Bi-weekly  private coaching sessions with the instructor where we dig into your specific situation and get you the support you need to take your business to the next level.

And don’t worry, we’ll schedule the private coaching at times that works with your schedule!!

This business school will help you to capitalize on your gifts as a sensitive soul and organize your business so that you can share your expertise without getting bogged down.

All of this means for you is:

– More confidence

– More clients

– More impact


Invest in Your Beautiful Business:


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Just think about how you’re going to feel when you’re running a business that you love, helping a lot of clients and still having time for yourself.

The other amazing thing about the program is that you’ll build community and a network with other sensitive soul’s who are in business. Your fellow students will become your friends as you participate in partner exercises and support each other in the Facebook group.

And even after the program is over, you’ll be moved over to the alumni lounge where you’ll be able to stay connected and continue to support each other.

I’m including a couple of quotes from recent clients because it really speaks to the impact this kind of program can have:


“Prior to working with Bryn, I was feeling confused and even embarrassed about being 35 years old and feeling completely unsure of my purpose and career direction.  In a short coaching mini-session, all of that changed.

Bryn helped me to find a thread that connected my diverse passions and interests. She helped me to identify various fulfilling job prospects and provided me with a simple and easy “next step”  to keep me moving in the right direction.”

-Sarah Walsh, Educator and Actor

I’ve stepped away from the PhD and into what was already waiting for me – mediation work, and interestingly, interior design! I LOVE it and have done some version my whole life. For me, it is about peace building still – how can I support people in creating peace in their homes, building nests they love so they can go out into the world and contribute meaningfully.  The PhD was certainly a dream for a long time, but it was part of a path that isn’t the one I’m on anymore and wasn’t the right one for me.

There was sadness, but now I feel hope as my day-to-day life has improved and flows easily. I’m a better mom, healthier, lighter.  

And just as one more concrete point, I already have my first paid contract, so not only does this risk-taking work, but if it’s meant to be, it really does feel like just cooperating with what’s meant for me.  Life-changing, life-improving, life-affirming.”

-Megan McKenna, Interior Designer

“Working with Bryn helped me to clarify where I want my business to go in the long term and begin to take the steps necessary to create that vision.”

-Luc Greggain, Owner, Fresco Construction


What You’ll Learn:



Invest in Your Beautiful Business:


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Bonuses for You!!


KS-logo-site-2018 (1)You’ve just said yes to 7 proven ways to close every sale and overcome any objection. This training has previously been reserved exclusively for Sales School students but has become so popular, we’ve unlocked it just for you! This knowledge combines 20 years of education and mastering sales and, in true Authentic Selling® style, it’s easy to understand and implement in your business.

Kendrick Shope is the CEO of a seven figure business & creator of the Authentic Selling® process, sales expert, speaker & media personality whose been featured places like the Steve Harvey show. The value of this bonus is $99.

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We want to make sure that you have everything you need to be successful when you leave the academy so are including this special bonus. Two coaching sessions where you’ll get all your questions answered and will totally keep you on track after you complete the academy.

In these sessions we’ll dig into you’re specific business and any areas where you’re getting stuck and get you simple steps to build a business that’s profitable and that you love. The value of this bonus is $200.


About the Instructor

Bryn Bamber, Career Burnout and Intuitive Business Coach

Bryn believes that running a business shouldn’t be stressful. Are there moments of fear and moments of risk? YES.

But using your unique gifts to help others FEELS GOOD.

She currently runs a business as a Career Burnout Coach with the Burnout to Brilliance program. Her writing about personal growth has been featured on Tiny Buddha, Introvert, Dear and in her column Finding Yoga on the Yasodhara Ashram Blog.

She also works as an Intuitive Business Coach where she uses body-centred practices to help sensitive souls like you connect to your intuition and use it to build a beautiful and profitable business.


Invest in Your Beautiful Business:


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Questions you need answered?


I want to make sure you make the best decision for you and your business so I want to make sure to get all your questions answered.

You can email me at or click here to book a 100% free call to get all your questions answered!!