You’ll learn:

      • How unhealed shame is sabotaging your business
      • Simple steps to overcome shame and live your ideal life



With shame you’re either:

      • Not quite in the right business because shame is keeping you from doing what you really want
      • Or not making quite enough money and not helping as many people as you’re meant to in your aligned business

As you heal your shame you’ll be able to:

      • Overcome imposter syndrome
      • Put yourself out there more and attract the clients and customers you’re meant to help
      • Create a business that feels aligned with your heart and your purpose
      • Make a lot of money and help a lot of people

And in this webinar you’ll learn to do exactly that. You’ll learn the simple steps that’ll help you heal your shame so really put yourself out there fully and authentically in your marketing and attract all the clients you’re meant to help.



About the Instructor:

Bryn Bamber is a mental health professional trained in Core Energetics which incorporates the body, mind and spirit. She’s a yoga and Kundalini and Dreams teacher. And she struggled for years with crippling anxiety and perfectionism. Through yoga, meditation and Core Energetics she learned how to significantly reduce her anxiety levels and now is so passionate about helping others overcome their anxiety.


Her technique incorporates somatics, breath, meditation and exploring the childhood experiences that have contributed to your current stress levels, so that you can permanently change your relationship with anxiety.