Somatic tools are what took me from:

– Being anxious 80% of the time to only 20% of the time
Dating unsuccessfully for 15 years to a deep meaningful 2 years and counting relationship
– Burning out of my dream job to starting a meaningful profitable dream business

From somatic work I’ve had clients:

Find love after 15 years of failing like me
– Land the professor job that felt impossible and actually pays $20K more than she was expecting
Had her Instagram TAKE OFF and her DMs full of folks asking for her specific kind of support

So this is a 6 month deep dive program into exploring using somatic tools with your clients so they can:

– Get even more incredible results
– Be excited to renew with you
And tell all their friends about how amazing it is to work with you!!

50% of the sessions will be doing personal somatic work because in my experience, the best way to deeply learn somatic tools is to experience them yourself.

50% of the sessions will be used to discuss how the somatic work is going in your practice, what tools might work well with a particular client or particular situation and deepening your skills as a somatic practitioner.

This program dives deep with 20 private sessions over 6 months that are focussed on the advanced somatic tools that you and your clients need the most.

This program is going to make your practice more profitable by getting your clients deeper and more meaningful results.

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