Ep # 86 – Truth Telling in the Patriarchy with Brooke Warner

When you put a creative project out into the world, there’s going to be pushback from the patriarchy.

Ex. when a woman writes a memoir she focuses on the two family members who might be upset, not the thousands of women her story might help.

Brooke Warner worked for 13 years in the publishing industry and now helps women write and publish memoir. In this interview we talk about common roadblocks in the creative process, the importance of truth telling and how many of these blocks were created by the patriarchy.

If you’re a creative, you’re going to get so much out of this episode. Enjoy!

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Feeling Crappy

I think I maybe definitely shouldn’t promote it…

Brains go to the worst case scenario for survival, even in situations like these that aren’t life or death.

So if your brain goes super negative on you, nothing has gone wrong. The people who survived 40,000 years ago were the people always looking for danger. You simply have a human brain.

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Ep #85 – Art, Activism & Money with Coco Madari

You can make money through your activism and art. And Coco Madari’s business really started to take off after they realized those things are not at odds with each other but actually when you bring them together, you make more money than ever.

We talk about how the white supremacy and patriarchy manifest in your energetic body and how to play with your energy to heal that. And how healing this will help you make even more money.

You’re going to love this episode!!

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To make working with me more accessible to folks impacted by patriarchy, white supremacy, xenophobia, ableism, homophobia, classism etc I’ve created a scholarship.

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– Developed a healthier less anxiety-producing relationship with their kids
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I’m opening up 3 spots you can apply for with the deadline of Friday May 20th at midnight. The most aligned candidates will be selected. 

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Ep #84 – Bankruptcy with Kristen Skove King

In 2012 after a medical difficulty Kristen and her partner had their house foreclosed on and declared bankruptcy.

They moved to another state to rent a unit owned by her mother in law with two newborn twins. They slowly rebuilt their finances and a decade later they own a beautiful home and this year Kristen had a $80K month in her business.

We discuss the challenges and shame around bankruptcy, how she moved from a place of shame to a place of healing and what the small steps she took to become the badass business owner she is today.

If you have shame around money or if you want to rock it out as an entrepreneur, you must listen to this episode!


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Ep #83 – The KEY to Achieving Your Sacred Goal

The fuel you use as motivation for your sacred goal is actually the most important part because if you put diesel in a gas car, it won’t start and if you water down your gasoline, it might fuck up your engine.

In this episode we’ll talk about the fuel you use to keep taking action towards your goal, what fuel is most effective and how this will help you create your sacred goal in a way that feels easeful and healing as opposed to hustley and exhausting.

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Ep #82 – I’m Queer

I started exploring my queerness in my early 20s. Because I’m attracted men, for a long time I thought I was straight. Also because in movies I only saw images of straight people and whenever someone was bisexual it was because they were a nymphomaniac obsessed with sex and I didn’t feel like that.

But then when I was volunteering at the Gender Issues Centre at my university I actually allowed myself to explore who I was attracted to and realized I was attracted to all genders.

I came out to my family and friends. And I thought I was done. But I soon realized how easy it was to slip back into the closet, especially since I do date men.

People would assume I’m straight and I wouldn’t correct them. And when a friend who identifies as a lesbian questioned if my queerness was real, I ran back into the closet.

In this episode I share my journey with my sexuality and where I am with it now.

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