Applications are now open!!! [Advanced Somatics Certification]

The Advanced Somatics Certification is like studying witchcraft for REAL!

You’ll unlock powers that were always inside you and that you’ve already been cultivating to an even deeper level. 


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Applications open TMRW!!! [Advanced Somatics Certification]

Applications open tmrw for the Advanced Somatics Certification that teaches life changing science backed somatic tools to coaches, therapists and healers from an intersectional feminist perspective.

So how the eff does it actually work?

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Inner Child Money Blocks

Money is simple. It’s addition, subtraction and a little multiplication.

It’s emotional and complicated because of your childhood.

As a kid your parents or caregivers were your ONLY source of food, love, housing, clothes, care, attention.

So you had to do whatever it took to maintain the relationship with them.

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Scholarship [Advanced Somatics Certification!]

I wanted to make the Advanced Somatics Certification more accessible to folks who have less access to money due to the systemic impacts of patriarchy, white supremacy, xenophobia, ableism, homophobia, classism etc. 

So excited to announce this scholarship!!

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Wanna Hang? [Patriarchy Destroying Party Tmrw!!!]


Excited for the Somatics to Heal Patriarchy FREE Workshop tmrw!! We have over 60 ppl registered so it’s going to be SOOO FUN!! So much feminist healing witchy energy!!

You’re going to feel transformed just being with this amazing group of ppl!!

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