Ep #60 – The Witch Wound with Jessie DaSilva

The witch wound is the fear of connecting to your power and sacred practices because of the history of the witch trials and present day stigma around witchyness.

In this episode, the Millennial Money Witch, Jessie DaSilva and I explore how to begin to heal the witch wound and how that relates to making more money in your sacred business.

If you have some witchyness in you, this is a must listen!

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5 Steps to Achieve Your Impossible Goal

Today I have over 20 of my ideal clients and a partner I care deeply about. Three years ago this would’ve COMPLETELY blown my mind.

I’d quit my job, was in a shitty relationship, and was plummeting into debt – losing over $1000 per month.

So how did I turn it around?

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Ep #59 – Fantasty vs Action with Boris Yurganov

After watching Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts movie at age 6, Boris knew he wanted to be an actor, but then got stuck playing it safe with a physical therapy job.

He would dream and dream about being an actor but wasn’t taking any real steps towards it.

This fantasy was in some ways keeping him safe but in other ways keeping him stagnant and unfulfilled.

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Discounting Progress

There are people who’ve made a million dollars but who are constantly scared they’re going to lose it all because they haven’t acknowledged how they did it. They haven’t acknowledged the skills they’ve developed to make money and take good care of themselves.

And it’s easy to discount progress on the way to achieving your goal.

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Ep #58 – Sex and Pleasure with Danielle Savory

Danielle Savory is a Master Certified Sex Coach for high achieving women and in this episode, we talked about her journey of coming out of the closet as a sex coach. What it’s like to be sharing publicly about vulvas and pleasure in this patriarchal world and how you can bring more pleasure and amazing sex into your life.

We both get emotional at one point in the podcast because this work is hard and so important.

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