Managing Anxiety Through Movement During Covid-19

We’re full swing into summer but things are not “back to normal” and it’s hard to know when they will be. With this uncertainty and everything happening in the world you might make you feel anxious about:

      • Your financial situation
      • Your loved ones
      • The virus
      • Racial injustice
      • Physical distancing with people you care about

Your anxiety makes sense and I want to help you work through it in a constructive way through movement, meditation, and self-reflection.

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Your Inner Child is Messing With Your Aligned Business

Have you ever had a client cancel? Or the contractor you paid to do your website mess it up and you panic?

You spiral and wonder if you should quit this whole thing?

Your inner child is scared of all the risks involved in building your business.

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In my first job, I taught youth about the justice system and their rights – in schools, community centres and in a few youth custody facilities.

I was excited to learn and to do my best so I would take home work on the weekends and do whatever I could to help. 

When I inevitably made mistakes, I was very hard on myself and would really beat myself up. Especially when my mistakes impacted the very youth I was trying to help.

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The hot sticky sickening feeling hits me in the belly. Shame, unfortunately, is my go-to emotion. 

When I lived at an ashram in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia, there were two emergencies that took place.

The temple, the most sacred building in the community, caught on fire. And a woman passed away tragically of anaphylactic shock.

With both instances, I felt it was somehow my fault and went into a deep place of shame, even though the circumstances were quite different.

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Collective Trauma and PTSD

We’re in a time of collective trauma. The pandemic is a collective trauma and the racial injustices are an ongoing collective trauma that have been impacting people of colour for hundreds of years.

Given everything that’s happening at this time you’re at risk of either developing PTSD or deepening existing PTSD.

So I wanted to share what you can do to limit the impact of these ongoing traumas and how to begin to heal.

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What you can do as a small business owner

The deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police are both tragic and also part of a long history of Black people being killed for no other reason than for being Black. 

In 1955, a 14 year old Black boy, Emmett Till, was lynched for allegedly offending a white woman at her grocery store. And this year Ahmaud Arbery, a 25 year old Black man, was killed while jogging in the town he lived in.

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Intuition/White Space

It’s bright and sunny out today. I can see the teenager bright green leaves of a large tree blowing in the wind outside my window.

Last weekend was quite emotionally volatile for me and by the end of it I felt like I’d been hit by a bus and couldn’t figure out how to return to a calm and grounded state.

But then yesterday I had a breakthrough.

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