How Somatics Work

Imagine a 5 year old that’s really mad but has to keep her anger in because she knows there’ll be some sort of consequence if she stomps or yells.

She keeps the anger in by breathing more shallowly, tensing her shoulders and buttocks, gritting her teeth to keep the feelings inside.

Now imagine doing that for years or even decades like I did. Folks with suppressed anger usually have chronic tension in their shoulders, neck, jaw and hips.

In somatic work, you move and welcome feelings in the areas of chronic tension. This helps to process emotions you weren’t able to process in the past. In time you release the chronic tension and create a new relationship with the connected memories.

This work literally saved my life. Before I started doing somatics, I was anxious 90% of the time. If anyone asked I was “fine” but really I was constantly suppressing big emotions and feeling like crap.

One of my biggest accomplishments is last winter driving downtown Toronto when it was snowing and feeling safe and grounded and even good.

From doing this work, I’m now anxious only 20% of the time, which has really changed my quality of life…

And that’s why I’m so passionate about this and so excited to teach it this weekend at the Advanced Somatic Techniques for Coaches, Therapists and Healers Workshop.

It takes place this Saturday on Zoom and there’ll be a recording available for anyone who can’t make it live.

In addition, you’ll receive the Advanced Somatic Techniques Manual and I’ll be connecting you to the other attendees who want to stay in touch so you can continue to practice the techniques even after the workshop ends.

Get all the details here.

And feel free to email or message me if you have any questions about the workshop.

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Ep #89 – Mental Health Stigma with Psychiatrist Dr Kathleen Young

Everyone has a wine-o-clock t-shirt but so many people think medication to help with mental health should only be used as a last resort.

In this episode we talk about mental health stigma around diagnosis and medication, Bryn shares why she’s considering medication for the first time in her life and we discuss how to stigma is changed throughout history.

Let’s eliminate the stigma together!

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Advanced Somatic Techniques TICKETS LIVE!!

If you want to increase your effectiveness as a coach, therapist or healer by adding advanced somatic techniques to your skill set, join us!

You’ll learn somatic techniques:

– For high anxiety clients
– That heal trauma
– That heal patriarchal conditioning

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Ep #88 – Taking Breaks to Increase Creativity with Luke Anderson

I have not historically been good at taking breaks. I’m someone who if I had any addiction it was workaholism and so filling up every crack and crevice of my time was the best way to not feel.

But that has resulted in me burning out multiple times and so I’m so happy that Luke Anderson, the Founder of the Stop Gap Foundation and I got together to talk about how taking breaks actually increases your creativity.

After the pandemic, a lot of us are feeling burnout and exhausted and so we need to find ways to recharge and reinvigorate our lives.

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This moment, reading this, is your whole life. Everything else is just a thought about the past or a thought about the future.

How do you want to live it? What do you want to do with this precious moment of life?

You can have one million dollars in the bank and be worried about losing it and a tsunami hitting your beach house. Or you can be here now, at your exact net worth, and feel the richness of being alive.



PS If you want support to work towards your amazing goal while also being in the moment, check out the Sacred Goals Challenge here.

Ep # 87 – Grief with Krista St-Germain

To live a rich life involves moments of joy, fear, frustration and grief. Grief can happen when you finish your PhD, when you move to a new city and when you lose a loved one. In this episode we talk about how to navigate all of the feelings, post traumatic growth after grief and what can help when you’re grieving.

Krista St-Germain lost her husband in a tragic accident and was thrown onto a path of deep grief. She now helps others who are grieving with the Widowed Mom Podcast and in her coaching program and so excited that you get to hear all of her wisdom on this topic today!

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Ep # 86 – Truth Telling in the Patriarchy with Brooke Warner

When you put a creative project out into the world, there’s going to be pushback from the patriarchy.

Ex. when a woman writes a memoir she focuses on the two family members who might be upset, not the thousands of women her story might help.

Brooke Warner worked for 13 years in the publishing industry and now helps women write and publish memoir. In this interview we talk about common roadblocks in the creative process, the importance of truth telling and how many of these blocks were created by the patriarchy.

If you’re a creative, you’re going to get so much out of this episode. Enjoy!

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Feeling Crappy

I think I maybe definitely shouldn’t promote it…

Brains go to the worst case scenario for survival, even in situations like these that aren’t life or death.

So if your brain goes super negative on you, nothing has gone wrong. The people who survived 40,000 years ago were the people always looking for danger. You simply have a human brain.

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