I Hated Selling (and Why You Hate Sales Too)

Selling has been the hardest part of building my business.

I’ve never worked in sales, I didn’t come from a family of entrepreneurs and I never studied business in school.

I didn’t grow up with the “entrepreneurial spirit.” I never ran a lemonade stand, I didn’t sell pop out of my locker or start my first business at age 14.

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What is Core Energetics? (And Why Should You Care!)

Core Energetics literally changed my life. Before I discovered it, I was anxious 90% of the time. It’d take me over a week to write and send one short email because I’d be editing and re-editing, worried about getting something wrong.

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The People Pleasing Money Block

If you’re a people pleaser, I’ve totally been there. Helping with a volunteer project because a friend asked or spending a long time at home visiting because my family wanted me to.

Sometimes after the holidays, I’d go back to more drained than before because I hadn’t done anything I wanted to do and only what my family and friends asked of me.

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Your Inner Child is Sabotaging Your Profit (and How to Heal)

I was interviewed for the Small But Mighty podcast last week (episode will come out later this month!) and in the interview the host asked me about my journey to becoming an entrepreneur. And let me tell you it was a LONGGG story with many twists and turns.

My inner child has struggled against me becoming a business owner from the very beginning. I remember when I was working with my first ever business and book coach to help market my book and he said to me, “You need to teach workshops about courage online.” And my response was, “No… Not happening. We’ll have to find another way. I’m not doing that.”

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Money Blocks Breakthrough

As a  female identified entrepreneur who is sensitive, creative and alternative  you want to help people and create financial stability and abundance in your life.

But you can’t seem to get enough clients… yet!

You’re smart and sensitive and want to make a living and build a life that’s aligned with your spirituality. But your anxiety about money is holding you back from fully going for your dreams and building the life that you’re meant to build.

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Pandemic Anxiety Workshop

As things begin to open back up, they aren’t returning to normal. And it’s hard to know what the months ahead will look like.

Maybe you’re anxious about:

      • Your financial situation
      • Your loved ones
      • The virus
      • Racial injustice
      • Or maybe you’re feeling trapped after being stuck at home for months on end

Your anxiety makes sense. 2020 is a year none of us expected. You’ve never done this before.

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Why You’re Procrastinating

The reason you’re procrastinating is probably not what you think. 

Maybe you think:

      • You’re lazy
      • You’re disorganized
      • Or you didn’t get enough sleep 

And that’s why it’s taking a long time for you to get your website up or rewrite your sales page or call that prospective client back. 

But it’s actually probably something deeper.

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Managing Anxiety Through Movement During Covid-19

We’re full swing into summer but things are not “back to normal” and it’s hard to know when they will be. With this uncertainty and everything happening in the world you might make you feel anxious about:

      • Your financial situation
      • Your loved ones
      • The virus
      • Racial injustice
      • Physical distancing with people you care about

Your anxiety makes sense and I want to help you work through it in a constructive way through movement, meditation, and self-reflection.

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