The Kitchen

When I went to my grandparents as a child, my nana would cook a huge meal for the family. All 32 of us would pile into her tiny kitchen and fill our white plates with the brown curling borders with cheese pie, peas, mashed potatoes and iceberg lettuce salad with Kraft dressings.

We’d sit at the kitchen table to eat and then have our tea and cookies “in comfort” in the living room. 

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Drill Sergeant vs Coddling

My high school volleyball coach was tough. We’d run suicides at the beginning of practice and then if we complained about being tired she’d say, “Games are won by the team who can still play well tired.”

Sometimes we’d talk about her behind her back, but deep down I knew she cared. In gym class she taught us kickboxing and was passionate about us, young women, knowing self defense.

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I was only going to send this to my goal group members, but then I realized you all need to hear this message. Perfectionism is what blocks you from achieving your sacred goals, whether you’re in the group or not!

The goal group started Monday and each participant received a workbook where they have a daily worksheet to fill out. 

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Top 4 Things I Learned from 2020

On March 16th, I was halfway through reading Cave in the Snow about Tenzin Palmo, one of the first Western women to become a Bhuddist monk. She lived and meditated in a cave for 12 years, 10 feet wide and 6 feet deep. She didn’t have a bed, only a meditation box that she sat in and meditated all night. No electricity or running water.

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What I learned from Frozen 2

“You’re the one you’ve been waiting for.”
Elsa’s mom, Frozen 2

As a young girl watching Disney princesses, I learned they always needed to be completed by a man. And so I got the idea that in order to be complete I needed a husband.

That, of course, ended up being quite confusing because I was also attracted to women and because I had so many other ambitions that didn’t include marriage or motherhood.

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