Ep #53 – Stop Being a “Good Girl”

If you were socialized as a female you were taught to be:

– quiet

– small

– pretty but not too sexy

– thin

– and to take care of everyone else around you before yourself

It’s suffocating to try to follow all these rules at once. So fuck that patriarchal bullshit.

Your homework today is to do something bad that’s aligned with your heart and your intuition.

Because the more folks socialized as women break out of these fucking patriarchal boxes and get all the energy they were using to be perfect “good girls” back, the more energy you’ll have to make your own dreams come true.

And when women have more money and power, they donate more to charity and lift other marginalized groups up.

So do something bad today that feels aligned with your heart.

And if you want some one-on-one support on this issue, reach out. I’m happy to have a free chat with you where you can tell me all your dreams and goals, we can talk about the patriarchal bullshit that’s draining your energy, and explore whether I can help you get the eff out and create your dream life. Email me at to schedule.

Ep #52 – What We Carry with Maya Shanbhag Lang

New York Times Editor’s Choice Author Maya Shanbhag Lang joins me to chat about:

* Postpartum depression

* Her mother’s Alzheimer’s

* The double standard with mothers vs fathers

* How she was able to publish, What We Carry, such an intimate and personal memoir

What We Carry was named “Best of 2020” by Amazon and a “Good Morning America” Mother’s Day Pick.

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Ep #51 – Codependence

If you were socialized as a woman, you were socialized to be codependent.

Listen to my rant on my own experience with it and what makes it so effing hard to overcome.

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Bullying is a code word for emotional abuse. If you were bullied as a child, there can be long-term impacts.

I experienced some bullying as a kid and even as I’m typing out these words, I’m minimizing it in my head. “I didn’t have it as bad as some kids.” “I wasn’t bullied the MOST.” “Kids are mean and so it’s not a big deal.”

And maybe you minimize your experience as well.

But it’s difficult for a child to experience meanness. Imagine a 13-year-old or 8-year-old kid in front of you, who’s struggling to fit in but it’s not working and they don’t know how to fix it.

Gently place your hand on your heart and tell this younger part of you, “You’re a good kid and I’m sorry the others are being mean to you.”

See if the younger part of you can energetically take this in. 

This healing might seem frivolous or like a waste of time but in my experience, it’s actually life-changing.

My younger part tells me to never put myself out there on social media because she’s scared of getting made fun of, the way I was made fun of in high school.

The more I can love and heal her, the more I can put myself out there on social media and help the people I want to help. Getting the word out about trauma is part of the purpose of my life.

So doing this deep healing work, can help you to move towards your dream.

Be gentle with these young parts.

Sending love,


PS If you want support loving these younger parts, this is the exact work I do with my clients. We’ll support you to heal these younger parts so that they stop you from going all-in on your dreams whether it’s finding love, changing your career, reach out. These small energetic shifts can free up so much energy to move towards your dreams :). Leave a reply to schedule a free chat with me.

The Self Care Industrial Complex

Many women I know say things to me like:

      • I need a morning routine
      • I spend too much time on my phone
      • I should do more yoga
      • I should work on my sleep habits

Self care has become, for many, another item on THE TO DO LIST.  It’s become another thing to beat yourself up about.

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