Feminist Money Manifesting

In 2018, I was living off my line of credit. Every month I was losing more and more money but I didn’t want to look at it.

I’d quit my job and thought with more time I’d be able to build up my new coaching business. Every day I sat on my laptop and worked. And I started to have little bits of success selling a $400 coaching package here and there but it wasn’t enough.

I kept thinking, “Next month will be better. Next month I’ll break through.”

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I’m a creepy needy selfish fame obsessed weirdo

The spirit of my business has challenged me to pitch myself to 100 conferences and podcasts in 30 days and I have to say it’s fucking harrowing.

Typing words on a screen is not, in fact, harrowing. But the patriarchal thoughts pummeling me while I try to type are… 

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Soul’s Purpose

I’m struggling with the voice that tells me I’m an egotistical asshole for pitching myself to speak on podcasts and at conferences.

It makes it hard for me to show up and do what I’ve committed to doing to promote my business.

What’s helping me get over is asking myself about my soul’s purpose. Like why the eff am I even running this business in the first place???

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