Your Impossible Goal

What would you absolutely LOVE but feels a little impossible right now?

When you’re not in a fight or flight response, your human brain is wired for unrealistic optimism.

And that’s what has allowed humans to create electricity, airplanes, and subsequently iPhones. It’s what allowed Nelson Mandela to spend over 27 years in prison and still play an essential role in ending apartheid.

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Make 1000 Mistakes

In his Ted Talk, Bob Mankoff reveals, “from 1974 to 1977 I submitted 2,000 cartoons to The New Yorker, and got 2,000 cartoons rejected by The New Yorker.”

  • In 1977 his first cartoon was published
  • In 1980 he got a New Yorker contract 
  • And in 1997 he became THE CARTOON EDITOR OF THE NEW YORKER

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