Feeling Crappy

I think I maybe definitely shouldn’t promote it…

Brains go to the worst case scenario for survival, even in situations like these that aren’t life or death.

So if your brain goes super negative on you, nothing has gone wrong. The people who survived 40,000 years ago were the people always looking for danger. You simply have a human brain.

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To make working with me more accessible to folks impacted by patriarchy, white supremacy, xenophobia, ableism, homophobia, classism etc I’ve created a scholarship.

It’s 50% off the full price of $6000 CDN (~$4650 USD) for 20 sessions over 6 months. With the scholarship the price becomes $3000 CDN ($2350 USD) for 20 sessions over 6 months.

Through this one on one work my clients have:

– Fallen in love with their dream nerdy and sweet guy
– Developed a healthier less anxiety-producing relationship with their kids
– And a more playful and profitable relationship with their heart-centered business

I’m opening up 3 spots you can apply for with the deadline of Friday May 20th at midnight. The most aligned candidates will be selected. 

Apply now!


PS If you learned about this scholarship application at the last minute and need a deadline extension, email me at bryn@brynbamber.com to arrange!

Time Hacking

Vikki went from procrastinating all the time in corporate to working 80 hour work weeks in her first business. Then she figured out how to make $100K in 6 months, much faster than everyone kept telling her it would take. She realized, “Things just take time” is a lie and applied what she learned to make $100k in 6 weeks and then in 2 weeks.

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The Slow Burn to $700K

Lindsay Dotzlaf started her coaching business after 2 years of coaching blowing her mind and completely changing the experience of her life.

She slowly built up her business making $5k her first partial year, then $30K and increasing incrementally every year until in 2021 she made over $700K. In this episode of the podcast, she shares what helped her slowly but surely build her business, the difference between an entrepreneur and employee mindset and how having breakthroughs in your own life make you an amazing coach/healer for others.

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