I don’t wanna…

I just wanna feel better already. I wanna be through this part.

I don’t wanna do the work, I wish I was writing to you from the other side where I could say “and now I feel better and if you just do XYZ you’ll feel better too.”

But I’m in the messy middle…

And it feels… messy and heavy and a little nauseous.

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Scholarship spots now open :)

I’ve decided to open my scholarship slots indefinitely and I’ll review applications as they come in on a rolling basis.

I may have to close them at some point but for now I feel the impulse to work with as many folks as I can who are the right fit at my scholarship rate. (While of course still honouring my own needs for breaks and time off ;)!!)

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Feeling Lazy…

I went to the park yesterday and ended up writing a post sitting in the sun on a park bench.

It was super pleasurable. And then when I got home my unconscious thought was: wow, I didn’t work very hard today. I just went for a nice walk to the park. I’m never going to succeed if I’m so lazy.

I think I have some deep seated Protestant belief that for me to be productive means it has to be UNPLEASURABLE.

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Suprising things about me:

  • I laugh hysterically at fart jokes, and it can be a little confusing to those who don’t know me that well.
  • I hate small talk. I used to have to do networking with lawyers for my old job and it was excruciating aside from the times when I’d meet a passionate social justice oriented lawyer and we’d have a long deep convo about the state of the world…

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Everything Changes All At Once…

I’m nervous to share this…

I’ve been doing some deep work with my coach and realizing that Feminist Somatics, although I love many aspects of it, isn’t the work of my heart. 

I thought I was going to run the feminist somatics certification for the next 10 years, if not more, but as I sit with the coaching she’s given me, I’m realizing there are parts of the certification that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, but there are other parts that aren’t in my zone of genius.

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Why You Need to REST More <3

I’m in a challenging situation and had my ass coached by brilliant coach (and my good friend!) Emily Feairs

And realized I’m projecting a childhood abandonment onto this person.

And so today I’ve journaling and integrating and can literally feel my back releasing through this huge emotional process.

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