Patriarchy Brain

If you become blind in an accident, the remaining 4 senses take up that brain space that was originally used by sight.

There’s limited real estate in the brain and the phrase: use it or lose it applies.

I wonder what would happen if I stopped memorizing the cheapest vegetable prices and used that brain space for dreaming up creative ways to market and sell the somatic work I’m meant to share with the world.

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This moment, right here right now, is your whole life. Everything else is a thought about the future or a thought about the past.

I’ve spent my life chasing accomplishments.  Once I find an amazing partner I’ll be happy. Once I have this amount of money I’ll relax. Once I resolve this fight with my friend, I’ll feel more peaceful.

But I’ve realized that I could spend my whole life never fully getting “there”… because whenever I achieve one goal, another goal pops up.

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Somatic Techniques for Codependence

In codependent relationships on an energetic level your energy is enmeshed. And sometimes even though your energy is enmeshed your heart is closed to protect yourself.

In a healthy relationship you can step in and out of the other person’s energy field, so you can empathize with them but you can also step away (either physically or energetically) and feel your own feelings about the situation.

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