Toronto Somatics Class + Covid Measures

Toronto heart centered coaches, therapists and healers! If you want to learn somatic tools for anxiety that you can use with yourself and your clients come to the Advanced Somatics Class!

We have some awesome people registered, so I’d love to have you there if it feels like a good fit.

It’s happening Monday Jan 23rd, 7 – 9 pm in the West End of Toronto.

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Sacred Capitalism

Yes, sexist racist capitalism exists and causes much suffering.

But when Grace puts a heart into painting the lake surrounded by mountains and you buy it. And it brings a sense of peace every time you walk into your living room, that’s a sacred exchange.

And when you sell something that creates joy or peace or a sense of security to the buyer, that’s sacred capitalism.

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Selfishness Cures Trauma

After trauma occurs, your brain develops a strategy to avoid future trauma.

The strategy could be:

      • People pleasing
      • Hyper awareness of what other people need (and less focus on what you need)
      • Or walking on eggshells

These strategies actually helped you to stay safe when you were a child or when you were living in an abusive situation.

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