About Me

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I work with sensitive artists, healers, coaches and creatives who want a beautiful life. The only problem is:

-You’re overwhelmed and tired

-Your career or your business isn’t working

-You wake up some days and don’t want to get out of bed

Burnout to Brilliance: Career Coaching in the Forest teaches you how to make small shifts that will free up tons of energy for the things you really love. A life where you wake up to feeling a sense of purpose and easily pay the bills. I teach you how to approach making a career change in a way that is fun, easy and gets results :).

I understand what it feels when to be tired and feel like something’s not right in your career. And I love helping people like you make changes so your life to build a career that’s aligned with who you are and what you need to thrive.

The Sensitive Soul’s Business Academy teaches you how to make small shifts in your business that will bring you more clients that you love. I help people like you get clear on where you want your business to be in 10 years and then take simple steps towards building a life and a business that’s aligned with your purpose.

So why did I start this?

When I was 24, I made a big mistake while working with youth in custody. I was overcome with shame and wasn’t able to recover. I quit my job.  I fell apart.

The problem wasn’t that I made this mistake, mistakes happen, but the problem was that I wasn’t able to recover from it.

I wasn’t able to recover because I wasn’t being myself.  I trying to fit in and please everyone around me. I was pretending that I WASN’T:

– sensitive
– spiritual
– introverted
– queer

I was trying to be what I thought my boss, my family and friends wanted me to be instead of myself. And because I wasn’t being myself, I wasn’t very strong. I had a very low level of resilience and so with one mistake, I crumpled.

I moved to a yoga ashram for 2 years to put myself back together. I studied yoga and meditation and connected deeply to the spiritual part of me. And I started to heal. I started become more of myself.

Since then I’ve been on a path of healing and becoming more of myself. And I’ve started helping other sensitive soul’s like you to heal and become more of yourself as well.

And I’m honoured to have been featured on Tiny Buddha, Introvert Dear, Sweatpants & Coffee, Yasodhara Ashram Blog and on the CourageMakers Podcast where about the struggles and successes of becoming myself.

I’d love to support you if you’re sensitive and spiritual and think deeply about the world.

Burnout to Brilliance: Career Coaching in the Forest will help you to become more of yourself so you’re not exhausted from trying to fit into a world that doesn’t always honor your sensitive soul needs.

The Sensitive Soul’s Business Academy teaches you how to be 100% yourself in your business so you attract your ideal client easily.

Start to become more of yourself with this FREE Checklist: Decrease Stress and Get an Hour of Your Day Back!

And above all else, please go for your dreams. Your life has meaning. You are here for reason. Find out what it is and when you do put all you that you got towards it!

Talk soon!


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PS… I’m obsessed with dancing ;).

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