About Me


I work with female-identified and non-binary entrepreneurs who love what they do. The only problem is:

      •     Your business isn’t taking off
      •     You aren’t generating enough income yet
      •     And you’re worried it’s not going to work

Imagine waking up to an inbox full of prospective clients reaching out to book with you.

Imagine your Paypal account ringing in sales while you sleep.

Imagine getting handwritten thank you notes from clients and customers because they’re so happy with the product or service they purchased.

That’s exactly why I created the free Money Blocks webinar to move you through old blocks and attract these ideal clients right to you.

These blocks make you: 

      • Delay responding to interested clients or customers
      • Take forever to write a blog post because you’re trying to make it perfect
      • Or rush to get everything done and send out an IG post without proper editing

And this will lose you tons of clients and lots of money.

When you remove these blocks, responding to potential customers becomes fun and easy. And you’ll put quality into all your blog posts and social content without becoming a perfectionist. Your ideal customer will be drawn right to you and will be excited to pay for your product or service.

Money blocks are created in childhood. Maybe you were made fun of when you spoke your mind as a 13 year old, so now you’re nervous to be totally honest during a FB Live. 

Maybe your mom said “We can’t afford that!” when you asked for the newest Barbie car and so now you don’t believe you can get what you want in your business.

Or if you experienced any kind of trauma – physical or emotional – this can deeply impact your belief that you have the right to receive money for your particular gifts.

In the Money Blocks Webinar, you’ll explore:

      • What experiences from childhood are impacting your current earning potential

      • And how to heal these old experiences so you can stop sabotaging and build the business of your dreams



What makes me different from your average business coach?

I’m in the home stretch of a 4-year somatic training program called Core Energetics. It’s very similar to traditional psychotherapy but also includes how old patterns and habits from childhood are stored in the body and how to release them.

I help you to see the root causes of why your business isn’t creating the financial and personal freedom you want yet. In our coaching sessions, we’ll go all the way back to the source of the problem, so your challenges with money and time are fixed permanently.


As a student Core Energetics Practitioner I was able to build up my practice much quicker than the majority of people in my class. To do this I’ve had to overcome many money blocks and now I want to help you do that too!


Ready to start? Check out the 100% free Money Blocks Webinar now


 My formal training includes:

      • Core Energetics Training (will graduate June 2020)
      • Upledger CranialSacral Therapy 1
      • Kundalini & Dreams Teacher Training
      • Yasodhara Hatha Yoga Teacher Training


And my story has been featured on Tiny Buddha, Introvert Dear, Sweatpants & Coffee, the Yasodhara Ashram Blog and the CourageMakers and Rare Birds podcasts.


Why did I start?

I was dissatisfied in my role as a Program Manager at the Ontario Justice Education Network. Sometimes I was able to create incredibly deep and meaningful programs for the Indigenous youth that I worked with and other times, in order to save money for the non-profit, I had to do short programs that didn’t really have any kind of long term impact.

I loved doing the high quality meaningful work but the majority of my time was spent on other projects.

So I decided to strike out on my own so that I could create something incredibly high quality that created long lasting results.

The personal transformation I’ve made through Core Energetics has been completely life changing and I’m so excited to share this life changing work with others. I’m happier, my business has quadrupled and I’m more clear about what’s going to best serve me. 

It’s time for you to continue your personal transformation. In the Money Blocks Webinar you’ll learn how money blocks are formed and  begin to dissolve your primary money block. Register here.


Please email me at bryn@brynbamber.com or DM on IG: @bryn_bamber.

I answer every question personally and I’d love to hear from you so please reach out!


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