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As a  female identified entrepreneur who is sensitive, creative and alternative  you want to help people and create financial stability and abundance in your life.

But you can’t seem to get enough clients… yet!

You’re smart and sensitive and want to make a living and build a life that’s aligned with your spirituality. But your anxiety about money is holding you back from fully going for your dreams and building the life that you’re meant to build.

Are you ready to:

– Do the deep personal work that will heal your money issues permanently?

– Love working on your business because you know it’s changing your clients lives?

– Build wealth in your business and personal life?

Imagine how good it will feel when you wake up in the morning and know that your business is running smoothly and you safely can take that vacation (or staycation!) you’ve been wanting to take.


If you’re ready to get some support to heal anxiety around money keep reading to the Somatic Business Program for Female-Identified Entrepreneurs.

There’s something very special that happens when female-identified and non-binary entrepreneurs come together to support each other.

The Somatic Business Program for Female-Identified Entrepreneurs will help you overcome:

        • old money blocks
        • self sabotage in your business
        • feeling like a fraud

This program involves both group and individualized sessions so you get both the benefits of accountability and momentum from being in the group AND the individualize support you need with your specific business and your specific challenges.

Often the blocks to doing what you really want to do in your business are:

        • old messages, fears and patterns from childhood
        • the instinct to hide and stay safe

This program will help you move through those old patterns permanently so that building your business becomes:

        • easier
        • more enjoyable
        • so you can help more people
        • and build more wealth for yourself

This program is an especially good fit if you, if you’re sensitive, introverted, intuitive, creative or alternative.

In this program you’ll:

    • Get the support and momentum that comes when a group of female-identified entrepreneurs works together, supports each other and learns from each other’s successes and failures
    • Get individualized sessions that focus on the specific challenges you’re facing in your business
    • Get the individualized support you need from that focuses on the specific challenges you face from childhood
    • Do the deep personal development work that will allow you to make permanent changes that make running your business easier, more wealth producing and more FUN!
    • Meet other female-identified entrepreneurs, learn from what they’re going through and create friendships with other women+ who get what you’re going through

Group Sessions 

Mondays 7:00 – 9:30 pm – Feb 10th, 17th, March 2nd, 16th, 30th, April 6th 2020

Individual Sessions

6 individual sessions scheduled based on your availability. They’ll take place between each group session so you get the individualized support you need to create more ease and money in your business.

Location: 151 Sterling Rd, Studio 4

Investment: $900 or PAYMENT PLAN: 3 Payments of $315

Questions? Email

To Register: Send a $100 deposit e-transfer to

What You Get:

        • 6 individual sessions where we’ll be able to dive deeply into money blocks and childhood experiences that are making it challenging for you to whole hearted pursue your business and attract your ideal clients
        • Private FB Group to Connect and Support Each Other Daily
        • 6 Group Workshops where you’ll create a deeper and deeper bond of support with each other and explore the main blocks to entrepreneurship
        • 6 Topics You’ll Learn About:

Module One: Your Ten Year Vision
Module Two: Selling Authentically (and What Blocks This)
Module Three: Self Sabotage
Module Four: Boundaries that Grow Your Biz
Module Five: Self Worth –> Net Worth
Module Six: 10 Year Vision Review and Next Steps


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Questions? Email

To Register: Send a $100 deposit e-transfer to