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I work with sensitive and spiritual women in Toronto, like you, who sometimes get overwhelmed by a city that’s so fast and loud.

You want to enjoy your morning cup of coffee but sometimes you’re so stressed about the day to come that these simple pleasures get stripped away. You deserve to feel safe and protected so that you can enjoy the small joys of life and make an impact in a way that you love.


Do you:

– Wish the world was more understanding of your sensitivities?
– Wish you were more clear about your purpose?
– Want to feel more in control of your life?


Imagine how good it will feel when you wake up in the morning and feel totally calm and centred. You know your purpose and what steps you need to take to make it happen. You love relaxing while you eat your breakfast because you feel confident about the day ahead.


– What if you knew how to ride the waves of anxiety, instead of struggling against them?

– What if you were excited to get up on an average Wednesday because your life was so aligned with your purpose?

– What if spent your days with people who wanted to have the same deep and meaningful conversations you do?


You’re a smart sensitive woman who wants to make a living and build a life that’s aligned with your spirituality. But your anxiety is holding you back from enjoying life’s simple pleasures and really going for your dreams.




Core Energetics Sessions will help you:

– Find the root cause of anxiety both in your body and from your childhood experiences

– Use yogic and other physical exercises to remove blocks that are keeping you stuck in your current situation

– Discuss challenging childhood experiences to get more clarity about what happened and how it’s affecting your life and anxiety today

– Fully express your feelings through screaming, yelling, hitting and crying so that your body can release suppressed emotions

Core Energetics is what would come out if yoga and talk therapy had a baby. It brings together the wisdom of the mind, the heart, the spirit and the body so you heal in a holistic way.

And I’d absolutely love to support you on your healing journey. These tools have done so much for me in my life that I can’t wait to share them with others.

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If you’re curious about this kind of work email me to set up a trial session at The investment for a trial session is $20 so you can have an experience of this kind of work at a low cost to see if it’s the right fit for you.

I work with clients in my studio in the West End of Toronto, at a clinic in Woodbridge and online through Zoom.

You deserve to feel safe. You deserve to be in a career that’s aligned with your purpose. And Core Energetics sessions will help you to do just that.

Questions? Email me at or a leave a comment below.

Ready to set up a trial session? Email me at today.