The Advanced Somatics Certification is like going to Hogwarts for REAL!

You’ll unlock powers that were always inside you and that you’ve already been cultivating. You’ll expand to an even deeper level. 

Imagine your client:

– having her own back 100%
– taking juicy fun risks
– easily selling her bright cartoon cupcake painting for $1000
– Or going on a fifth date with a great guy from Hinge


Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning to a text from a client that says:

“WTF?! Are you a freaking wizard?? How is this happening??”

You don’t have to work harder, study more, write 1000 papers.

You already have these weird genius impulses to help your client inside you.

But “professionalism” which is mostly code for patriarchy, white supremacy, ableism, homophobia, ageism & other isms has been holding you back!

You’ll break free from “shoulds” and bullshit professionalism.

Mid-session you’ll suddenly have the impulse to help her build a fort where she can hide and feel safe and peak out at you. It helps her connect to her inner child and feel more safety in her life.

Photo from a somatic session with a client.

Or you’ll suddenly invite your client to dance around the room to Ain’t Nothing Gunna Break My Stride and scream the words.

And you’ll both end up bent over laughing! She’ll leave the session feeling relief, a quiet confidence and a deep inner knowing she’s on the right track.

Or you’ll do a session over FaceTime at an abandoned construction site so she can SMASH the ugly mustard yellow dishes that she shared with her ex and scream!

You’ll wear ridiculous giant strawberry earrings to your sessions. And you’ll connect even more deeply to your inner healing magic powers.

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You’ll support your clients to unlock their own superpowers like:

– Building a non-profit that’ll change the prison system forever
– Challenging her boss to make the office more equitable
– Be more chill and confident around her kid, which let’s her kid chill out too

From your personal somatic sessions you’ll be:

– More certain in your decisions
– More connected to your baddddd girl energy 😈
– A fiercer protector of your own heart

Your clients are going to feel your bravery and freedom. They’re going to be DRAWN closer to you. 

And you’ll know this so deeply in your cells, it’ll be easy to support your clients to do this too.

As they connect to their own freedom they’re going to wanna share what worked and tell ALL THEIR FRIENDS about what a wizard you are!


The reason I’m obsessed with somatics is because these tools took me from:

– Being anxious 80% of the time to only 20% of the time

– Dating unsuccessfully for 15 years to a deep meaningful 2.5 years and counting relationship

– Burning out at a non-profit job to walking out of a session thinking, “I really get paid to do this?”

I’ve had clients:

Find love after 15 years of failing like me
– Land the professor job that felt impossible and actually pays $20K more than she was expecting
Had her Instagram TAKE OFF and her DMs full of folks asking for her specific kind of coaching


– Being Trauma Informed
– High Anxiety Clients
– Being Diversity Equity Inclusion Informed (taught by special guest teacher)
– Healing Trauma with Somatics
– Somatic Techniques to Heal Patriarchy
– Working with Resistance


This certification is going to make your practice more profitable by getting your clients deeper and more meaningful results.

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If you love nature, are a little weird and witchy and love the shit out of your clients this certification is literally built for you!

And the magical thing about working with your client’s body in an intersectional feminist way, is that unplanned positive outcomes emerge:

– She falls in love which she secretly wanted but hadn’t really said out loud

– She has unexpected relief from crippling anxiety

– Seemingly out of nowhere they sign soulmate clients

My 4 year Somatics training was the most life changing experience for me.

And I want to share this magic with highly skilled coaches, therapists and healers who don’t need another 4 year training but want to add deeper somatic tools to their practice in a feminist way.

I can tell you love your clients and want to continually deepen your skills.

I want to start by celebrating that. Celebrating you. And how much you care about your people. And how you’re doing amazing work with them ALREADY!!

I can tell you’re already an amazing practitioner.

Creating a practice where you feel satisfied and are making a difference is easier than you think. 

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Patriarchy ends up in your clients bodies.

Folks socialized as women were taught DON’T:

– Breathe fully (you’re fat!)
– Say not to men entering your energetic space (You’re bitchy! You led him on! You’re cold!)
– Speak loudly

Folks socialized as men were taught DON’T:

– Show fear
– Cry
– Be giddy or playful

You’ll do personal somatics sessions that’ll detox the patriarchy from your own body so you can easily support your clients to as well. 




What makes this different from other Somatic Certifications?

There’s an emphasis on being trauma informed somatic techniques and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion informed somatic techniques.

Intersectional feminism is a guiding force in how and why this training was created.

It’s also a safe space for spirituality and witchyness.

What are some unexpected benefits of this course?

And one unexpected benefit is that it’s a small group you’ll get connected to other badass practitioners with similar values and even make friends.

Can you tell me more about the instructor’s background?

I lived for years as a sensitive perfectionist with anxiety coursing through my veins and through Core Energetics sessions I began to find the root cause of why I’m so anxious and take steps to drastically reduce my suffering.

This work made such a big impact on my life, I decided to go back to school and get certified because I know that it works and I absolutely sharing it with others. Core Energetics is a somatic modality brings together the experiences of your childhood with the wisdom of your mind to facilitate the healing process.

My other training includes CranioSacral, Hatha Yoga and Kundalini & Dreams Teacher. My writing about the path to healing has been featured on Tiny Buddha, Introvert, Dear and the Yasodhara Ashram Blog.

I have a few more questions before I decide. Can we chat?

Yes, book a time to chat here :).

Or email me at

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About the Instructor:

Bryn Bamber is a Trauma Informed Witch trained in Core Energetics which incorporates the body, mind and spirit. She’s also a yoga and Kundalini and Dreams teacher.

She struggled for years with crippling anxiety and perfectionism. Through yoga, meditation and Core Energetics she learned how to significantly reduce her anxiety levels and now is so passionate about helping others overcome their anxiety and make more money.

Her technique incorporates movement, breath, meditation and exploring the childhood experiences that have contributed to your current stress levels, so that you can permanently change your relationship with money.

Are you curious? Book a free consult to discuss here.

I acknowledge that my practice is located on the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

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