The Inner Work for Your Aligned Business

You have a vision. You love being creative or you’re an amazing healer and know deep down you know you’re meant to touch a lot of people’s hearts. But something’s getting in the way:

        • You procrastinate getting your website up.
        • Or a prospective client emails you and it takes you 2 weeks to write them back.

You know what you need to be doing to get your business going but you find excuses not to do it. It’s incredibly difficult to press post on that IG story or press start on that FB live.

What’s getting in your way isn’t what you think. It’s not that you’re lazy or disorganized but something deeper.

Maybe it’s that you were bullied as a child, so you’re scared to put yourself out there.

Maybe it’s unhealed shame that’s leading to imposter syndrome.

Maybe it’s feeling selfish for getting paid for something you absolutely love.

And if you have any sort of even minor trauma, this makes it very difficult to put yourself out there in your aligned business.

And that’s exactly why I’ve created The Inner Work for Your Aligned Business Program, a 6 month intensive where you’ll explore your specific blocks when it comes to moving forward wholeheartedly in building your aligned business.

You’ll get:

        • Someone to hold your hand and help you heal these major blocks that are holding you back in your aligned business

        • Specific custom-made-for-you exercises that’ll support this deep and important healing

        • Weekly private sessions for 6 months where the focus will be 100% on you, your business goals and your healing


      • Getting handwritten thank you notes from clients and customers because they’re so happy with the product or service they purchased.

      • Having tears in your eyes because you know your customers lives were changed by your art or service

      • Waking up to an inbox full of new clients reaching out to buy

There are people right now, sitting at home, who need what you have to offer. Their lives will be changed for the better by your art or service.

Maybe their home will feel more peaceful because of your products, maybe they’ll hold their head up higher and feel more confident when they walk out the door because of the sessions you’ve done with them.

They need your help. And they need it now.

So you have an obligation to heal your old wounds so that you can help them.

You’re meant to touch the hearts of certain people and so it’s essential to get all your junk out of the way so you can start helping them!

This program is an especially good fit if you, if you’re sensitive, introverted, intuitive, creative or alternative.


Join me for a free hour long consultation where you can learn more about what’s blocking you and create a plan to overcome these challenges, to heal and see if Core Energetics will help with that.

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What makes me different than your average business coach?

I’m a mental health professional trained in something called Core Energetics that brings together the body mind and spirit. I help you see the root causes of why your business isn’t creating the financial and personal freedom you want yet. Old patterns from childhood are keeping you stuck. In our sessions, we’ll go all the way back to the source of the problem so your challenges of showing up fully to build your aligned business are fixed permanently.


Book a free consultation to see if it’s the right fit!