This is the Courage Compass podcast where you get to hear from those who show up in an uncomfortable conversations, bring fierce love into their relationships and who not afraid to show where they have failed. They may not run into burning buildings for a living but they are brave beyond words. And they know that there’s no stopping courage when it comes from the heart.

Episode 2: After the Fire with Swami Lalitananda

How can the teachings of yoga help us to live a life filled with courage?

Swami Lalitananda had been appointed as president of Yasodhara Ashram, a yoga retreat and study centre, mere weeks before the community’s most beloved building, the Temple of Light, was destroyed in a fire. In this episode she talks about how the teachings helped the community move through this event and how these teachings can help us bring courage into the workplace, into our relationships and into our everyday life.

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Episode 1: The Best Advice I Ever Got Was Questions with Sarah Archibald

Sarah Archibald cares about food. She cares about hunger. And she wants to be a part of creating a food system that is just for both farmers and the low income who sometimes can’t access it.

Sarah came over to my apartment for dinner last week. We ate frittata and roasted sweet potatoes and our conversation wove from privilege to self care to music. In our chat I was most interested in how Sarah had known for so long that a just food system was what she wanted to spend her life working towards.

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