Ep #56 – Feminist Dating and Relationships with Maggie Reyes

Maggie Reyes is the Marriage Life Coach. She’s deeply feminist, an Oprah lover, and super smart. This is a super fun conversation that winds from how to build a deep and trusting relationship with yourself and your partner(s), how to date, and what to do when your relationship is ending. She also shares how PERFECTIONISM is a tool of white supremacy and the patriarchy and some of her own struggles as a woman in corporate America.

You’re going to LOVE this conversation. Listen in.

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#55 Self-Betrayal with Jana Sinyor

Do you hate Donald Trump? Do you love to dehumanize him? It feels good right? But then you kinda have a hangover after?

In this episode, creator of the tv series Being Erica and Core Energetics practitioner, Jana Sinyor, comes on to talk about the mammalian part of every single one of us that hates, that’s lustful and greedy. We talk about what happens when you disown this part of yourself you end up betraying yourself and draining your energy. And how you can begin to get your energy back.

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Ep #54 – I’m Angry…

The Monday to Friday work week was created based on cis men’s hormone cycle. If you have testes, your hormone cycle is 24 hours. So you basically have the same amount of energy every day.

If you’re menstruating, your hormone cycle is 28 days and so you’ll have weeks that are higher energy and ENTIRE WEEKS that are lower energy. In perimenopause, this gets more sporadic but is still not 24 hours.

You’re expected to show up to work with the same amount of energy every day. Except if you have female anatomy, you don’t have the same amount of energy every day.

This is painful. In this episode, I rant about this and other injustices.

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Ep #53 – Stop Being a “Good Girl”

If you were socialized as a female you were taught to be:

– quiet

– small

– pretty but not too sexy

– thin

– and to take care of everyone else around you before yourself

It’s suffocating to try to follow all these rules at once. So fuck that patriarchal bullshit.

Your homework today is to do something bad that’s aligned with your heart and your intuition.

Because the more folks socialized as women break out of these fucking patriarchal boxes and get all the energy they were using to be perfect “good girls” back, the more energy you’ll have to make your own dreams come true.

And when women have more money and power, they donate more to charity and lift other marginalized groups up.

So do something bad today that feels aligned with your heart.

And if you want some one-on-one support on this issue, reach out. I’m happy to have a free chat with you where you can tell me all your dreams and goals, we can talk about the patriarchal bullshit that’s draining your energy, and explore whether I can help you get the eff out and create your dream life. Email me at bryn@brynbamber.com to schedule.

Ep #52 – What We Carry with Maya Shanbhag Lang

New York Times Editor’s Choice Author Maya Shanbhag Lang joins me to chat about:

* Postpartum depression

* Her mother’s Alzheimer’s

* The double standard with mothers vs fathers

* How she was able to publish, What We Carry, such an intimate and personal memoir

What We Carry was named “Best of 2020” by Amazon and a “Good Morning America” Mother’s Day Pick.

Find out more about Maya here – http://www.mayalang.com/

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Find out more about her India Covid Relief initiative – http://www.mayalang.com/india-covid-relief/

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Ep #51 – Codependence

If you were socialized as a woman, you were socialized to be codependent.

Listen to my rant on my own experience with it and what makes it so effing hard to overcome.

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Ep #50 – Sacred Procrastination

A client thought she was procrastinating but we realized that it was actually a sacred decision to wait because there was some healing she needed to do first.

With another client, at the beginning of our session, she said she wanted to work her procrastination but by the end of the session she realized she was doing so much and was prioritizing what was most important.

Capitalist culture puts productivity before all else but actually sometimes it’s important to slow down and let yourself heal before taking the next step. I also share my personal story about navigating procrastination and healing.

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Ep #49 – #MeToo

*trigger warning*
The night I thought I was going to be raped…

I wanted to share this story because I think it’s important when we’re healed enough and ready to share our stories and also because I’ll use it to teach the difference between fight, flight, freeze, and fawn.

Fawn is a nervous system response that’s common for women and also other genders and can keep us safe in dangerous situations.

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Ep #48 – Money Mindset with Self-Made Millionaire Megan Tong

Learn from Megan Tong, Self-Made Millionaire turned Money Mindset Coach to talk about all things MONEY including how to change deep set negative childhood beliefs about it, so you can have a better relationship and create more of it.

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Ep #47 – Shame Spiral Technique

In today’s episode, I share an advanced shame spiral technique. If you’re completely new to working with emotions in the body, it might be a little early for that. But for those of you who have worked with emotions in the body before, this technique might be a great fit for you.

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