Ep #66 – What I Learned Managing $2.5 Billion with Mariko Gordon

Mariko Gordon built a $2.5B money management firm from scratch, flying her freak flag high. It had a weird name, a non-Wall Street culture, and a quirky communication Style.

In 1995, when Mariko founded Daruma, only a handful of women of color owned their firms. She had to noodle out how to run a business while daily duking it out with Mr. Market and raising a family.

Today she mentors women who want to start a business, turn their side hustle into their living, better manage their finances, or work through a tricky patch in life or business.

She is also a poet, hypnotist, life coach, hula dancer, and Treasurer on the Board of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop.

In this episode, we talk about the essence of money, what money means and how to take care of yourself so you can be well resourced to have a good life and also fight the systems of patriarchy, racism, and other forms of oppression.

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Ep #65 – From $100K debt to a $735K biz with Serena Hicks

Serena Hicks believes that making and having #BIGHappyMoney is a social justice issue. As a biracial business woman, who went from bankruptcy in 2008 to BIG Happy Money based on her realization that the Patriarchy hates a well-resourced BIPOC, woman and/or non-binary individual. She offers that your money making is HOW we change the world; financial freedom is indeed a powerful thing.

In this episode, she shares her story of what created $100k of debt, how shaming debt has its roots in classism and racism, and what helped her build the business where she’s able to make over $100K in a month.

You’ll love it :).

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#64 – Receiving Money Block

Did you know that if you’re bad at receiving compliments, that’s actually a money block? Here’s how it works:

  • If you are bad at receiving compliments, you aren’t fully owning how powerful and amazing you are
  • And when you downplay your amazingness, it’s harder to charge a high rate, advocate for a higher salary and to say no to giving your time away for free to things that are out of alignment for you

And this is going to BLOCK money coming to you.

In this episode, I share a personal story of bumping up against this money block and where it comes from for me and possibly for you. And I share some techniques on how to overcome it so you can hit your next income goal and a way that’s ethical and easeful.

Did you resonate with this episode and want to explore whether working together will help you break through?

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Ep #63 – Allergic to Public Speaking to Manifesting an $140K Offer with Emily Ghosh Harris

Emily started her career in the corporate world and was very successful until her workaholism caught up with her and she was hit with extreme burnout and adrenal fatigue.

That was the wake-up call she needed. She finally listened to the voice of her soul that’d been trying to get her attention for months.

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Ep #62 – Higher Self Anger

Anger can be used as a force for destruction or as a force for good. When injustices happen, it’s good to feel angry.

Anger can fuel your healthy boundaries. It can be your fuel to create change.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to process anger through your body and how to use it as a force for good.

Listen in to learn more.

PS If you have the intuitive sense that suppressing your anger is causing pain and holding you back from your dreams, I can help.

I want to offer you a free one-hour consultation where we’ll explore how anger is holding you back and what can set you free.

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Ep #61 – Patriarchial Money Blocks

What were you taught about money as a child? And how is that influencing your finances now?

In this episode I share:

– The patriarchal messages about money you likely received

– How those are impacting your financial life now

– And what can help you to overcome them so you can build wealth in a way that feels sacred and ethical ❤️🔥🌿

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Ep #60 – The Witch Wound with Jessie DaSilva

The witch wound is the fear of connecting to your power and sacred practices because of the history of the witch trials and present day stigma around witchyness.

In this episode, the Millennial Money Witch, Jessie DaSilva and I explore how to begin to heal the witch wound and how that relates to making more money in your sacred business.

If you have some witchyness in you, this is a must listen!

Connect with Jessie here:

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Ep #59 – Fantasty vs Action with Boris Yurganov

After watching Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts movie at age 6, Boris knew he wanted to be an actor, but then got stuck playing it safe with a physical therapy job.

He would dream and dream about being an actor but wasn’t taking any real steps towards it.

This fantasy was in some ways keeping him safe but in other ways keeping him stagnant and unfulfilled.

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Ep #58 – Sex and Pleasure with Danielle Savory

Danielle Savory is a Master Certified Sex Coach for high achieving women and in this episode, we talked about her journey of coming out of the closet as a sex coach. What it’s like to be sharing publicly about vulvas and pleasure in this patriarchal world and how you can bring more pleasure and amazing sex into your life.

We both get emotional at one point in the podcast because this work is hard and so important.

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Ep #57 – Perfectionism

We live in a society where perfectionism is celebrated but being a perfectionist is actually a form of cruelty. When you call yourself lazy, ugly, fat, stupid, a b**tch in order to motivate yourself to do things perfectly that’s not okay. The latest episode of the podcast is all about perfectionism and other healthier ways to motivate yourself towards your goals. Make sure you listen.

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