Episode #44 – Goal Setting For People Pleasers

As people pleasers, goal setting can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes the steps you need to take to achieve your goal won’t please those around you. In this episode you’ll be invited to explore: what thoughts or beliefs are stopping you from moving towards your goal? Are these thoughts and beliefs in service to you? And if they aren’t in service, how do you begin to shift them?

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Ep #43 – 100 Podcasts

I thought that guesting on over 20 podcasts would result in new clients but it turns out that the universe had something else in mind. Listen to this episode to learn more about my goal to be a guest on 100 podcasts and all that I’m learning along the way.

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Ep #42 – What Blocks Manifestation (and How to Overcome It!)

You’ve had some success with manifestation, but there’s one area where you just can’t seem to successfully manifest. In this week’s episode you’ll learn the 3 main blocks for manifesting and how to overcome these blocks. These blocks are TOTALLY HEALABLE and you can manifest even in this area that’s been difficult. Listen to learn how!

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Ep #41 – Inner Critic

Your inner critic will tell you that you can’t go for your dreams but yelling at it doesn’t work. Setting boundaries with your inner critic is actually the complete opposite of setting boundaries with family members or friends. In this episode you’ll learn how to set boundaries with your inner critic so that you can fully go for your dreams.

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Ep #40 – From Shame to Self Expression

In this episode, I share an IG live I did with Petia from SoulSister Conversations where we talked about shame, Core Energetics, and how to fully express who you are. To learn more about Soul Sister Conversations check out – https://www.instagram.com/soulsister_stories/

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#39 – Invisible Trauma

I didn’t know I had invisible trauma until I was 29 and the only reason I realized was because I was in a 4 year mental health training program.

I don’t want you to have to do a big expensive training program to learn about this so I wanted to share signs of invisible trauma, so you can see if this is you.

Invisible trauma: trauma that you don’t have any conscious memory of but that’s still stored in your nervous system. Sometimes to protect you from a painful trauma, your nervous system might block out the conscious memory.

In this week’s episode, I’ll share about my own personal experience with invisible trauma, signs and symptoms of it and how you can begin to heal!

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#38 – Why I Hated Selling (And Why You Hate Sales Too!)

For years I thought sales was icky sleazy and slimy and didn’t want anything to do with it. Then I started a business where I had to sell myself. I share the biggest blocks that stopped me from selling and how I was able to heal those blocks. Now I love authentically sharing about my services today and I’ll teach you how to love sharing and selling too!

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Check out episode #33 to learn more about Inner Child Work:

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Ep #37: Pleasure & Celebration

Many of you were taught that pleasure is bad and lazy and selfish. But the truth is the more you fill yourself up, the more you receive, the more you have to give! In this week’s episode we talk about the importance of developing your capacity for pleasure and then you’ll be lead through an exercise that helps you start creating more pleasure in your life today.

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Ep #36 – My Struggle with Anxiety

I was honestly nervous to share some of the details of my struggle with anxiety. But I decided that if I could help even one person with my story, it was worth the discomfort.

I used to live a life where I was anxious 90% of the time. It would literally take over a week for me to send one short email because I’d be editing and re-editing, so nervous that I’d say the wrong thing.

So in this week’s episode I share my anxiety story and the tools that have helped me to reduce its hold on my life and to heal.

If you struggle with anxiety, this is a must listen.


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Ep #33 – Your Inner Child Is Sabotaging Your Marketing – https://anchor.fm/burnout/episodes/Ep-33—Your-Inner-Child-is-Sabotaging-Your-Marketing-egighf

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Ep #35 – Why it’s Good to Be a Bitch

Certain words have been used to control women and really anyone who presents in a stereotypically feminine way. So in this week’s episode you’ll learn about four words that are used for control and what you can do to begin to free yourself from the shame that sometimes comes with them.

Bitch: a woman who has boundaries, a woman who says no, a woman who gets angry.

Diva: a woman who knows what she wants and asks specifically for what she wants.

Crazy: a woman who is passionate, a woman who is excited, a woman who feels her feels deeply.

Selfish: a woman who takes care of herself, a woman who says no, a woman who puts her needs first.

You can be strong, decisive, passionate and who have boundaries without shame. Join the free webinar to learn simple tools to overcome shame and become more authentically yourself.

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