Ep #50 – Sacred Procrastination

A client thought she was procrastinating but we realized that it was actually a sacred decision to wait because there was some healing she needed to do first.

With another client, at the beginning of our session, she said she wanted to work her procrastination but by the end of the session she realized she was doing so much and was prioritizing what was most important.

Capitalist culture puts productivity before all else but actually sometimes it’s important to slow down and let yourself heal before taking the next step. I also share my personal story about navigating procrastination and healing.

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Ep #49 – #MeToo

*trigger warning*
The night I thought I was going to be raped…

I wanted to share this story because I think it’s important when we’re healed enough and ready to share our stories and also because I’ll use it to teach the difference between fight, flight, freeze, and fawn.

Fawn is a nervous system response that’s common for women and also other genders and can keep us safe in dangerous situations.

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Ep #48 – Money Mindset with Self-Made Millionaire Megan Tong

Learn from Megan Tong, Self-Made Millionaire turned Money Mindset Coach to talk about all things MONEY including how to change deep set negative childhood beliefs about it, so you can have a better relationship and create more of it.

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Ep #47 – Shame Spiral Technique

In today’s episode, I share an advanced shame spiral technique. If you’re completely new to working with emotions in the body, it might be a little early for that. But for those of you who have worked with emotions in the body before, this technique might be a great fit for you.

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Ep #46 – Pandemic PTSD

The past 12 months have been incredibly challenging with the global pandemic, continued racial injustice, instability in the economy, and unprecedented natural disasters. As many parts of the country remain freezing cold and in lockdown, there’s a continued impact on your mental health.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– what to do when you feel anxious or depressed
– simple strategies to feel better
– that you’re not alone in the mental health challenges you’re facing
– and how to process the impacts of both mild and severe PTSD

Ep#45 – Trauma Brain

If you grew up experiencing trauma at home or you were bullied at school, you learned that clear direct healthy boundaries don’t work. You probably at one point were direct with your NO and it wasn’t respected. So you stopped using clear boundaries and learned other ways to keep yourself safe and get your needs partially met. These ways became the habits that make up your trauma brain.

In this episode, you’ll learn about how to identify when it’s your “trauma brain” speaking and how to gently shift into listening more often to your “secure brain.” Your trauma brain is exactly what you needed to survive those difficult experiences but now it’s holding you back from making more money, building fulfilling relationships and feeling more confident.

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Episode #44 – Goal Setting For People Pleasers

As people pleasers, goal setting can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes the steps you need to take to achieve your goal won’t please those around you. In this episode you’ll be invited to explore: what thoughts or beliefs are stopping you from moving towards your goal? Are these thoughts and beliefs in service to you? And if they aren’t in service, how do you begin to shift them?

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Ep #43 – 100 Podcasts

I thought that guesting on over 20 podcasts would result in new clients but it turns out that the universe had something else in mind. Listen to this episode to learn more about my goal to be a guest on 100 podcasts and all that I’m learning along the way.

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Ep #42 – What Blocks Manifestation (and How to Overcome It!)

You’ve had some success with manifestation, but there’s one area where you just can’t seem to successfully manifest. In this week’s episode you’ll learn the 3 main blocks for manifesting and how to overcome these blocks. These blocks are TOTALLY HEALABLE and you can manifest even in this area that’s been difficult. Listen to learn how!

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