Selfishness Cures Trauma

After trauma occurs, your brain develops a strategy to avoid future trauma.

The strategy could be:

      • People pleasing
      • Hyper awareness of what other people need (and less focus on what you need)
      • Or walking on eggshells

These strategies actually helped you to stay safe when you were a child or when you were living in an abusive situation.

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I Felt Pukey

I felt like I was going to puke when I thought about closing my sliding scale. I loved this shit out of my clients (and still do!) and I knew some wouldn’t continue if I changed my pricing structure.

I felt pulled to do it but was terrified. And it took me about a year of coaching and therapy and journaling before I was willing to change. I gave every client 6 months’ notice so that they had time to make the decision and we had time for closure, if necessary.

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Ep #91 – White Supremacy with Isha Vela

1. Bryn and Isha both share mistakes they’ve made around race and how they worked to repair
2. How white supremacy in infiltrates mental health and healing spaces
3. Isha’s experience at the hardware store that left her feeling less than when she was growing up in Puerto Rico

Isha Vela supports her clients revealing layer by layer, the essence of who you are beyond the social conditioning, beyond the survival patterns and beyond the internalization of toxic systems of oppression.

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Patriarchy Brain

If you become blind in an accident, the remaining 4 senses take up that brain space that was originally used by sight.

There’s limited real estate in the brain and the phrase: use it or lose it applies.

I wonder what would happen if I stopped memorizing the cheapest vegetable prices and used that brain space for dreaming up creative ways to market and sell the somatic work I’m meant to share with the world.

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