Sex, Money & Power

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Let’s talk about sex, money & power :)! For those of you in Toronto, we have some amazing opportunities to explore these deep juicy topics. See more info below!

And for those of you elsewhere – the good news is the replay of the money blocks webinar will be available until Saturday at midnight EST. You can get the replay here.

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Paid Off $200k Debt

Paid Off $200k Debt

Aja Dang’s wake up call was in 2017 when her beloved Cockapoo, Luke, needed emergency surgery and if her boyfriend hadn’t had the money, she would have lost her dog.

She was 30 years old and in $200K of crippling student loan debt. Up to that point, she hadn’t really believed that she could pay it off, didn’t know what to and basically was trying not to think about it.

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Your Money Beliefs

Money Beliefs

Your money beliefs have very little to do with money. They have to do with things like self-worth, survival, and feeling like a fraud.

Some of my clients’ money beliefs are,

“It’s my duty to take care of everyone and everything (and not get paid that much for it.)”

“When I was a child, I was neglected and my parents didn’t come when I needed them. Now clients won’t come. They’re not coming. It’s not going to work.”

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Are You Sabotaging Your Business?


Self-sabotage can affect any area of your life and sometimes you’ll find it happening to your business. 

It can look like:

  • Over-Busyness

    Being too busy to respond to new customers in a timely manner and then forgetting to reply at all. 
  • Hurrying 

    When a workshop doesn’t work the first time, completely changing topics instead of looking at what didn’t work. Or changing a marketing strategy before you’ve had time to tweak it, make it better and make it work for your ideal client.

  • People Pleasing 

    Doing whatever potential clients ask you for as opposed to creating a vision and a program that you absolutely love and believe in.

  • Perfectionism 

    Not launching or putting your new product or website out there because it’s “not ready yet” as opposed to launching even before it’s perfect to test it and make it better.

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My Money Journey

Money Blocks

I didn’t grow up poor but we weren’t super rich either. When I was little my dad was in grad school and my mom couldn’t work because we were in the US. We survived on a grad students salary.

Then he got a post-doc but my mom still couldn’t work, so things were tight.

We always had food and a safe place to live but we rarely went out to dinner or to the movies.

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How to Use Your Intuition to Attract Clients


You’re building a business that you’re going to love working in, that creates financial stability and abundance for you and that deeply impacts your customers. And intuition can help you do exactly that.

There’s one crucial step you need to take to really make your intuition effective when running your business and so I’m running a webinar on this exact topic this Monday at 1 pm EST.

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Getting More Clients Starts with Self-Care

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Before I dive in, I wanted to let you know I’m running a FREE webinar on What’s Stopping You From Getting More Clients on Monday. Would love to see you there. Details to sign up below.

Also a Money Blocks workshop for Female-Identified Entrepreneurs that’s happening early February. All details below!

Getting more clients starts with taking care of you! You are your most valuable asset, so taking care of yourself is absolutely critical.

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