Welcoming stillness and whatever the fuck comes with it

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I wanted to reach out because I’ve had a few insights about what might be happening for you.

I get that it can be really hard to slow down. And believe me, I can really relate to that. It’s hard for me to slow down and make space in my life too.

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Stop Beating Yourself Up…

Stop beating yourself

I know that you’re hurting and part of it is because you beat yourself up for every little mistake you make. I want to offer you some relief from the level of pain you’re experiencing but you might not like the solution.

Your brain can be a pretty scary place and you don’t always love digging around in the negative parts of it.

It can be scary to look at the negative parts of yourself but I also want to promise you it’s one of the most freeing things you can do.

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You deserve to have a little fun


I’ve been thinking of you this week and how you deserve to have a little fun.

I know you as someone who’s serious and I love your seriousness. I love how you’re absolutely dedicated to your own self-improvement and how you care deeply about the planet. This is something I love and I don’t want it to go away.

What I want is you to add joy to your seriousness. To let yourself be silly. To pursue a frivolous dream or to let yourself have a crush. To do something that’s pure fun that doesn’t have any personal development or career goals attached to it.

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You’re Going to Get Through This

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I’ve had a few clients going through some incredibly challenging shit recently so I wanted to write to anyone who’s going through something super hard. If it’s not you, consider forwarding this to a friend who’s having a hard time.

I know you’re going through one of the most challenging situations possible right now and something you never would have wanted to happen.

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Ep #1: What’s stopping you from going for your dream?

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You have a purpose. You’re meant for great things. This episode talks about what’s stopping you from going for your dream and how to overcome it so that you can build that amazing life that you were meant for.

Get the free resource Reduce Stress and Get an Hour of Your Day Back here.



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I have a secret…

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Hope you’re doing well. It’s fall weather up here in Toronto and I‘m totally loving it! Warm sweaters and squash – here I come!

have been decluttering EVERYTHING which I am totally loving. I‘ve been posting some before and after photos on Instagram so check those out! You can follow me @bryn_bamber :).

I wanted to share a something I‘ve been procrastinating sharing with you even though it was published in August because I‘m nervous. It’s a story where I share a secret that some of you know but some of you will be surprised.

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What Marianne Williamson Can Teach You About Making Money

Practical and Mindset - Financial Flow

Marianne was in the bathtub when she got the call. It was back when we all had physical answering machines so she could hear the message come in. “Oh, Marianne, you’ve done it again. You know, I like this one even better. I’d love to have you on the show.” The voice was unmistakable. It was Oprah Winfrey.

Marianne Williamson’s heart dropped. Her face flushed.

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6 Ways to Fill Your Creative Well

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You’ve been there. Maybe you’re even there right now:

– You’re tired and depleted
– You have a heavy heart
– And you’re out of ideas

Your creativity which once was bubbling over seems to have gone dry and you miss it. You feel like you should be doing more. You’re judging yourself for not being as creative as you were in the past.

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