#64 – Receiving Money Block

Did you know that if you’re bad at receiving compliments, that’s actually a money block? Here’s how it works:

  • If you are bad at receiving compliments, you aren’t fully owning how powerful and amazing you are
  • And when you downplay your amazingness, it’s harder to charge a high rate, advocate for a higher salary and to say no to giving your time away for free to things that are out of alignment for you

And this is going to BLOCK money coming to you.

In this episode, I share a personal story of bumping up against this money block and where it comes from for me and possibly for you. And I share some techniques on how to overcome it so you can hit your next income goal and a way that’s ethical and easeful.

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Ep #63 – Allergic to Public Speaking to Manifesting an $140K Offer with Emily Ghosh Harris

Emily started her career in the corporate world and was very successful until her workaholism caught up with her and she was hit with extreme burnout and adrenal fatigue.

That was the wake-up call she needed. She finally listened to the voice of her soul that’d been trying to get her attention for months.

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Ep #62 – Higher Self Anger

Anger can be used as a force for destruction or as a force for good. When injustices happen, it’s good to feel angry.

Anger can fuel your healthy boundaries. It can be your fuel to create change.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to process anger through your body and how to use it as a force for good.

Listen in to learn more.

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