Calling All Artists, Healers & Entrepreneurs

Female-identified artists, healers, and entrepreneurs are badass by nature. You were not told you could make your own money or create your own business, so any woman who is willing to take the risk is the definition of badass.

And I’m also been touched by how supportive these women are to each other, how supportive other women in business have been to me.

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Pleasure in Times of Uncertainty

You’re navigating a collective trauma. The physical, mental, and financial struggles are real. The grief, pain, and fear are present.

And you deserve moments of joy and pleasure.

Slowly drinking your tea. Feeling the sunshine on your face. FaceTiming with a good friend. Dancing to your favourite song.

You deserve moments of pleasure and joy.

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Lessons from Being Sick

“While it’s true there isn’t an actual devil out there grabbing for our souls, there is a tendency in our minds, which can be amazingly strong, to perceive without love.” – Marianne Williamson

I’ve continued to have a little bit of a sore throat and have been feeling tired. And a part of me hates them and wants to fight against them. This part wants the sickness to go away, fast. 

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Heart-Centred Scheduling

I used to sit down at my desk with the goal of “working on my business.” I’d pull out my agenda, figure out what to focus on and start working. After a few hours, I’d stop.

The main problem with this strategy was lack of productivity and distractions. I’d waste time on Facebook and sometimes I’d work on one blog post or task for hours and hours and hours.

And I was spending too much time on things that didn’t get me closer to my goals and dreams.

I needed a change.

Now this is not really a glamorous thing to talk about but the best self care strategy I implemented in 2019 was SCHEDULING.

I used to think, “I can’t do that. I’m not organized enough. I’m not disciplined enough. It’s not my style. It won’t work for me.”

But it’s absolutely changed everything. I trust myself more and I’m less frantic, more calm and more clear in my business.

I know what parts of my business are most important in any given week, so I’m not wasting time working on things that don’t move me towards my goals and the impact I want to make.

So I want to share my intuitive heart-centred scheduling process with you:

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Spiritual Endurance

Soon after we went into lockdown I had a sore throat, achey muscles, and fatigue. It felt very similar to other times I’ve had the flu but I was nervous. What if I had it? What if I’d given it to someone before lockdown started?

I was trying to understand what was happening in the world, in my country, and to my own body. I wasn’t scared of getting severely ill. I have a strong immune system and am in good health. But I was very nervous that I would give it or had already given it to someone else.

I wanted to get tested but I couldn’t get a hold of Telehealth. When I called it just a busy signal or cut out. I never got to the automated menu. Too many people were calling and the system was crashing.

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Spending money I didn’t have…

I was spending money that I didn’t have on things that were not that important to me and was telling myself that next month would be better, next month my business would “break through.”

This went on for months. I was in school, I’d quit my stable non-profit job and was focusing on growing my business. My numbers – both income and expenses – weren’t good and so I avoided looking at them.

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