Core Energetics

Core Energetics is a mental health modality that comes from a Freudian lineage. It similar to traditional psychotherapy in the sense that you’ll look at your negative experiences from childhood and how those experiences led to you developing certain coping mechanisms.

What makes it different is in addition to talking about it, Core Energetics also addresses these experiences on a physical level.

For example, if as a child you weren’t allowed to express anger because your caregiver(s) would make fun of you or withdraw their love and attention or hurt you, as a young child you’d learn how to keep your anger in.

The way a young child would do that is be holding your breath and instead of stomping your feet and flailing your arms, tensing your arms and shoulders and holding them down at your sides.

And if you do that for years and years, it begins to create bands of chronic tension in the body. For example, those who have suppressed anger often have tension in their shoulders, neck, jaw and sometimes hips.

In Core Energetics we have physical exercises and role plays that help you to release this tension from the body so you can create new patterns and habits that are healthier and lead to a life that’s more fulfilling.

To learn more you can check out the Four Phases of Core Energetics here.

And here are a few easily digestible articles on how Core Energetics works from one of the most articulate graduates from my school:

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