Fill Your Tank: A Workshop for Women who Run on Empty


Do you feel:

  • Exhausted, over-extended, low?
  • Like you have a thousand balls in the air and no matter what gets done, there is always so much more to do?
  • Tired, mind racing and sometimes have trouble sleeping?

If the answer to even ONE of these questions is yes, then Fill Your Tank: A Workshop for Women who Run on Empty is for you!

This workshop will take you from a place where you feel tired and anxious to a place where you:

  • Feel better
  • Feel less alone
  • And know exactly what you need to do on days when you’re overwhelmed

And, don’t worry, we won’t be telling you to meditate more!!

We love meditation but filling your tank involves taking things off your plate, not just putting more things on!

We use body-centred practices to tune into your true self and find what YOU need to fill your tank.

WHEN: Saturday October 27th, 2:30 – 5:30 pm

WHERE: 681 Markham St, Toronto

COST: $40 (cash or e-transfer*)

*Please send all e-transfers to bryn[at] before the event.



Rebekah (left) and Bryn (right.)

Bryn Bamber, Career Burnout Coach

Bryn was 24 the first time she burnt out. She was working with youth in custody and their stories were breaking her heart and so eventually she quit. She moved to a yoga retreat and study centre for 2 years to put her life back together.

She now works as a Career Burnout Coach where she uses body-centred practices to help people like you connect to their intuition, reduce stress and find their gifts at

Rebekah Blok, Body Process Work, Energy Work, Dream Work

Rebekah made her first career choice out of fear and anger. Her engineering didn’t fuel her soul. She ended up feeling depressed a lot of the time.

She was hoping naturopathic medicine would be her way to a meaningful career and practiced from 2007-2016. She learned so much about seeing people in their body-mind-soul wholeness, but it wasn’t home.

Finding body psychotherapy was a game changer. As we go through life we get hurt, and out of self-preservation we create ingenious defences. Over time these defences get hard wired into our brains and bodies as neural pathways, physical tensions and muscular armouring. Eventually, these old patterns become prisons that prevent us from feeling and expressing ourselves in vulnerability and connection. Learn more about Rebekah’s practice at