Somatics to Heal Money Blocks Workshop

Applications open! Advanced Somatics Certification: Apply Here!

Somatics to Heal Money Blocks Worksheet!!



The Advanced Somatics Certification is like studying witchcraft for REAL!

You’ll unlock powers that were always inside you and that you’ve already been cultivating to an even deeper level. 

Imagine your clients:

– taking juicy fun risks
– easily selling her bright pink cupcake painting for $1000
– Or going on a fifth date with a great guy from Hinge


And then imagine waking up on a Saturday morning to a text from a client that says:

“WTF?! Are you a freaking wizard?? How is this happening??”

You don’t have to work harder, study more, write 1000 papers.

You already have these weird genius impulses inside you to help your client.

But “professionalism” which is mostly code for patriarchy, white supremacy, ableism, homophobia, ageism & other isms has been holding you back!

Break free from “shoulds” and bullshit professionalism.

Mid-session you’ll suddenly have the idea to build a fort where they can hide and feel safe and peak out at you. And they’ll have an energetic breakthrough about being allowed to hide and protect them self in their real life.

Photo from a somatic session with a client.

Or you’ll suddenly invite your client to dance around the room to I Want You Back and scream the words.

And you’ll both end up bent over laughing! She’ll leave the session feeling relief, a quiet confidence and a deep inner knowing she’s on the right track.

Or weirder yet you’ll do a session over FaceTime so she can SMASH the ugly mustard yellow dishes that she shared with her ex and scream at an abandoned construction site!

You’ll wear ridiculous giant neon yellow skull earrings to your sessions. And you’ll connect even more deeply to your inner healing magic powers.

Applications open! Advanced Somatics Certification: Apply Here!


You’ll support your clients to unlock their own superpowers like:

– Building a non-profit that’ll change the prison system forever

– Challenging her boss to make the office more equitable

– Be more chill and confident around her kid, which let’s her kid chill out too

From your 10 personal somatic sessions you’ll be:

– More certain in your decisions
– More connected to your baddddd girl energy 😈
– A fiercer protector of your own heart

Your clients are going to feel your bravery and freedom. They’re going to be DRAWN closer to you. 

And you’ll know this so deeply in your cells, it’ll be easy to support your clients to do this too.

This certification is going to make your practice more profitable by getting your clients deeper and more meaningful results.

As they connect to their own freedom they’re going to wanna tell ALL THEIR FRIENDS about what a wizard you are!


I’m obsessed with somatics is because I’ve had clients:

Find love after 15 years of failing (like me ;)!)
– Land the professor job that felt impossible and actually pays $20K more than she expected
Had her Instagram TAKE OFF and her DMs full of folks asking for her coaching

AND somatics took me from:

– Being anxious 80% of the time to only 20% of the time

– Dating unsuccessfully for 15 years to a deep meaningful 2.5 years and counting relationship

– Burning out at a non-profit job to a profession where I think, “I really get paid to do this??”

The Somatics Certification Curriculum Includes:

– Being Trauma Informed
– High Anxiety Clients
– Being Diversity Equity Inclusion Informed (taught by special guest teacher)
– Healing Trauma with Somatics
– Somatic Techniques to Heal Patriarchy
– Working with Resistance

These classes are all recorded so you can review at your own time and you get access to them for life. Examples and demonstrations are included here.

If you want a FREE chat, to ask questions and discuss whether this certification is the right fit or not, book it here.

Applications open! Advanced Somatics Certification: Apply Here!



If you have questions about it, email me at :).

If you love nature, are a little weird and witchy and love the shit out of your clients this certification is literally built for you!

My 4 year Somatics training was the most life changing experience for me.

And I want to share this magic with highly skilled coaches, therapists and healers who don’t need another 4 year training but want to add deeper somatic tools to their practice in a feminist way.

I can tell you love your clients and want to continually deepen your skills.

I can tell you’re already an amazing practitioner.

And the magical thing about working with your client’s body in an intersectional feminist way, is that unplanned positive outcomes emerge:

– She has unexpected relief from crippling anxiety

– Seemingly out of nowhere they sign soulmate clients

– She develops a better relationship with her boss, even though you were helping her with parenting

Creating a practice where you feel EVEN MORE confident and satisfied is easier than you think. 

Book a chat to get your questions answered!


Patriarchy ends up in your clients bodies.

Folks socialized as women were taught DON’T:

– Be fat aka take deep breaths and relax your belly
– Be bitchy aka say NO to men or frankly anyone
– Be bossy aka speak confidently 

Folks socialized as men were taught DON’T:

– Show fear
– Cry
– Be giddy or playful

You’ll learn how to run somatics sessions that’ll detox the patriarchy from your own body so you can easily support your clients to as well. 

Applications open! Advanced Somatics Certification: Apply Here!

Intersectional Feminist Principles

I love the crap out of the 4 year somatic training that I did but one of my criticisms of my training program was that it wasn’t taught from an intersectional feminist lens.

The Advanced Somatics Certification commits to teaching these science-backed somatic tools from an intersectional feminist lens.

What that means is:

– a full class on how to heal patriarchy using somatic tools
– a focus on trauma informed somatics
– and another full class on Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) informed somatics that’s co-taught by a guest DEI Expert teacher

Intuition Focussed

The purpose of somatic work is to help your clients process trauma and emotions so that can connect more deeply to their own intuition and solve the challenges they face.

And somatic work is a deeply non-linear process, so you’ll be invited to tune into your intuition and your Higher Self at times to navigate what’s best for the client.

Application Dates:

Applications will be open March 20th – 24th, 2023.

Advanced Somatics Certification: Apply Here!

Answering the application alone will be apart of envisioning a long term feminist vision for your business! Mark your calendars to get ready to apply!


$4000 CDN (~$2950 USD)*

Scholarship slots are available here*

And what you get for that is:

Weekly LIVE Calls

These calls will be Monday 8 – 9 pm EST LIVE and not recorded so you can share the most intimate details about yourself, your clients and questions about somatics in an environment where you know that it’ll be private. And where everyone will be fully present because there’s no recording to go back to.

The group is capped at 15 people so you’ll get the support you need and your questions answered.

There will be 20 calls over 6 months and the calls will take place on Zoom.

Personal Somatic Sessions

One-on-one sessions with Bryn so you can experience somatics in a deep and private space. These 10 sessions can be done on Zoom or in-person in the West End of Toronto at a time that works for you.

The bonus is that you’ll get to experience the life changing impact of somatics in your own cells so you can easily use them with your clients. And you’ll get support to resolve a personal or business issue that you’re currently struggling with. Sessions will take place every other week throughout the 6 month certification at a time slot that works for you.

Recorded Classes

– Being Trauma Informed
– High Anxiety Clients
– Being Diversity Equity Inclusion Informed (taught by special guest teacher)
– Healing Trauma with Somatics
– Somatic Techniques to Heal Patriarchy
– Working with Resistance

These classes are all recorded so you can review at your own time and you get access to them for life. Examples and demonstrations are included.

Feminist Somatics Manual

Advanced somatic techniques and concepts are explained in detail in the manual, so you can see them written out. Also each topic is linked to the podcast episodes on that topic so if you prefer to listen to audio it’s available there!

Witchy Genius Colleagues

This certification brings heart centred brilliant folks who care deeply about their clients together to learn somatic tools together. You’ll have amazing peers to practice with and befriend. Another bonus benefit of this certification.

Bonus Follow Up

The certification is 6 months long and after it ends for the next 6 months you’ll get a free monthly somatic coaching group call so that you can continue to ask questions and use these life changing somatic techniques with your clients.

Applications open! Advanced Somatics Certification: Apply Here!


What makes this different from other Somatic Certifications?

There’s an emphasis on being trauma informed somatic techniques and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion informed somatic techniques.

Intersectional feminism is a guiding force in how this training was created.

And it’s a safe space for spirituality and witchyness!!

Is there a scholarship available for the certification?

To make the Advanced Somatics Certification more accessible to folks who have less access to money due to the systemic impacts of patriarchy, white supremacy, xenophobia, ableism, homophobia, classism etc. there are a few scholarship slots available.

Learn more and apply here.


What are some unexpected benefits of this course?

One unexpected benefit is that it’s a small group you’ll get connected to other badass practitioners with similar values and even make friends.

Another is that you get 10 personal sessions so that you experience these somatic tools deeply in their own cells. So you get to work on a financial, health or relationship challenge and make progress in order to fully understand these deep somatic tools.

Can you tell me more about the instructor’s background?

I lived for years as a sensitive perfectionist with anxiety coursing through my veins and through Core Energetics sessions I began to find the root cause of why I’m so anxious and take steps to drastically reduce my suffering.

This work made such a big impact on my life, I decided to go back to school and get certified because I know that it works and I absolutely sharing it with others. Core Energetics is a somatic modality brings together the experiences of your childhood with the wisdom of your mind to facilitate the healing process.

My other training includes CranioSacral, Hatha Yoga and Kundalini & Dreams Teacher. My writing about the path to healing has been featured on Tiny Buddha, Introvert, Dear and the Yasodhara Ashram Blog.

I have a few more questions before I decide. Can we chat?

Yes, book a time to chat here :).

Or email me at

Applications open! Advanced Somatics Certification: Apply Here!

About the Instructor:

Bryn Bamber is a Trauma Informed Witch trained in Core Energetics which incorporates the body, mind and spirit. She’s also a yoga and Kundalini and Dreams teacher.

She struggled for years with crippling anxiety and perfectionism. Through yoga, meditation and Core Energetics she learned how to significantly reduce her anxiety levels and now is so passionate about helping others overcome their anxiety and make more money.

Her technique incorporates movement, breath, meditation and exploring the childhood experiences that have contributed to your current stress levels, so that you can permanently change your relationship with money.

Applications open! Advanced Somatics Certification: Apply Here!

Somatics to Heal Patriarchy 

Imagine a 5 year old that’s really mad but has to keep her anger in because she knows there’ll be some sort of consequence if she stomps or yells.

She’s been told repeatedly to be a “good girl” and “be nice”.

She keeps her anger in by breathing shallowly, tensing her shoulders and buttocks, and gritting her teeth.

Now imagine her doing that for years or even decades. I was that little girl and so like many other folks with suppressed anger, I ended up with chronic tension in my shoulders, neck, jaw and hips.

In somatic work, you move and welcome feelings in the areas of chronic tension. This helps to process emotions you had to hold in, in the past. In time you release the chronic tension and create a new relationship with those memories.

I was told I couldn’t be angry by my family but also by the patriarchy at large that said: “good girls are likable not angry” in nearly every book, movie and tv show.

This feminist somatic work saved my life. Before I started doing somatics, I was anxious 90% of the time. If anyone asked I was “fine” but really I was constantly suppressing big emotions and feeling like crap.

One of my biggest accomplishments is last winter driving downtown Toronto when it was snowing and feeling safe and grounded. Previously, my anxiety would have been at a 10 driving downtown in the snow.

From doing somatics, I’m now anxious only 20% of the time, which has completely changed my quality of life…

And the intersectional feminist lens takes into account that we did not only get these messages from our family but from the patriarchy and other systems of oppression.

In this class you are going to learn the techniques that helped me and so many of my clients to heal, to become more grounded and from this place, to work towards our goals and dreams.

The techniques shared are from my training as a Yasodhar Yoga Teacher (based in the Sivananda Lineage from Rishikesh, India), a Core Energetics practitioner, a wild feminist and a green witch.


Applications open! Advanced Somatics Certification: Apply Here!