Somatics to Heal Patriarchy Series

Workshop 1: Patriarchal Shame


Somatics to Heal Patriarchy Worksheet

Anxiety Training:
Referenced in workshop that leads you through the Tibetian Buddhist practice of Tonglen:

Workshop 2: Patriarchal Productivity Addiction

Workshop 3: Patriarchal Burnout

Learn how the patriarchy creates burnout in folks socialized as women and folks socialized as men, and how to heal burnout somatically.


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Meet Bryn

Bryn Bamber is a Trauma Informed Witch trained in Core Energetics which incorporates the body, mind and spirit. She’s also a yoga and Kundalini and Dreams teacher.

She struggled for years with crippling anxiety and perfectionism. Through yoga, meditation and Core Energetics she learned how to significantly reduce her anxiety levels and now is so passionate about helping others overcome their anxiety and make more money.

Her technique incorporates movement, breath, meditation and exploring the childhood experiences that have contributed to your current stress levels, so that you can permanently change your relationship with money.

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Somatics to Heal Money Block

Somatics to Heal Money Blocks Worksheet!!

Somatics to Heal Patriarchy Original Workshop

Somatics to Heal Patriarchy Worksheet!!


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