Digging a Well


 I’m the type of person that when I find something I LOVE at a restaurant I order it every time.  And its something that I believe in – sticking with what I know works.

And it’s something that I sometimes forget.

Recently I’ve been feeling a dissatisfaction with my life here and have been dreaming about other possibilities.  About truly being an artist and living in this place without these rules.  Breaking out and being free.

And then tonight at Satsang I was overcome with the feeling that I long for when I go to a music show.  And I had this realization that I could spend $100 on a concert ticket and not walk out feeling like this.  And the essence of this “art” a part of me is searching for and longing for is here.

I love where I live.  And I know that it works.

I love that we believe in the potential of each person to find out who they are and struggle/grow/evolve into who they want to be.  I love that we’re asked to take responsibility for ourselves.  And I love that singing together brings us together as a community.

The teachings work.

It’s not always easy or fun but they work.

So I’m sticking to it the way I stick to green curry at Thai Kitchen.  Yogic pioneer Swami Sivananda Radha says don’t dig a lot of little holes, dig a well.  Find something that works and go deep.  That’s the only way you’ll ever hit water.[1]

I know that I’ve found it, so I simply have to keep going.  I get distracted and I get back on track.  And one day, I know, I’ll hit water.


Bryn Bamber lives at Yasodhara Ashram in the Kootenay Mountains.

[1] Satsang Talk by Swami Samayananda, Yasodhara Ashram, Kootenay Bay, March 1, 2014.


Author: Bryn Bamber

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3 thoughts on “Digging a Well”

  1. dearest bryn, thank you for this and other weblog entries i’ve been reading in stealth. lately i’ve been digging many little wells, knowing they all lead to the same place, but perhaps choosing fewer is in order. thank you for sharing, much love, jody

    1. jody! glad to hear you’re a stealthy blog reader ;). when are you going to come visit this winter wonder-mountain-land??

      love to you!!

  2. Well that is something to be aware of; spiritual development brings powers and these powers are looking for ways to be expressed. It’s the kundalini starting to express itself, and creativity is a really healthy way to use that energy. Creativity and living at the Ashram can coexist for sure. And sometime you need to go out and experience another reality and see how the expressive power continue to be alive.

    That is why I love the power of commitment, I make a commitment for a certain time and then I respect that commitment. Once I am done with that commitment I can revisit if I stay and take another commitment or if I go and experience something else. So that the mind is not always wondering what is the next step 😉

    I wrote about yoga and creativity few years ago while at the ashram :


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