How do mermaids make money?

Mermaiding, wearing a mermaid tale and swimming, has exploded in popularity recently. And last week I had the opportunity to chat with Abby Oliver, mermaid and leader in the Indigo Child community. One of the questions I was most curious about was how do mermaids make money?

Abby answered:

  • Birthday parties and other events (although Abby doesn’t do them because she’s an introvert)
  • Film and photography – Abby is paid modelling day rates
  • Teaching people how to mermaid, mermaid schools
  • Writing and consulting about mermaids – she’s done a lot of research so is hired to help people create their content
  • Creating mermaid tails and other products (she’s looked into this but decided not to got that direction)

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 8.44.57 AM.png
Abby and I chatting all about mermaids and making money

And she has other ways she makes money as well and we go into all the juicy details in the full interview! I had so much chatting with Abby about how she discovered her love for mermaiding, what the heck is an Indigo Child? and how to create a prosperous life outside of the 9 – 5 model. I think you’ll love it too. Watch it here!


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