What I Learned From Gwen Stefani

I’m obsessed with the Voice.

In particular, the seasons when Gwen Stefani was a coach because she tells the artists over and over again: you need to find what makes you YOU.

“You need to find YOUR connection to the song. What does it mean to you?”

“What’s unique about your God given voice?”

And “You need to find the OUTFITS that feel aligned to you. That’s what’s magnetic and that’s who rises to the top.”

I’ve decided that @GwenStefani is my life coach and I’m taking all these lessons to heart.

NOT what does A MAN want me to wear?

NOT what does SOCIETY want me to wear?

But what do I WANT TO WEAR? What clothing do I LOVE? 

And what do I LOVE to talk about in my newsletters and posts? And how does it connect to me?

And I invite you to ask yourself these same questions:

What do you love to talk about?

How does it connect to you?

What’s unique about you and how can you share that?

And what DO YOU love to wear?

Thanks Gwen Stefani!!

Go be uniquely yourself,



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