Higher Self Selling

When I’m in a sales conversation with a potential client I can be coming from two places.

  1. I can be coming from my inner child who thinks, “I’m going to go broke so I need to CONVINCE this client to say yes.”

  2. I can be coming from my Higher Self who wants what’s best for the client and for me.

And then sometimes I’m working with the client’s inner child who’s scared too. My goal is to love and to soothe the inner child. And to open my client’s awareness to the possibility this might be an inner child part. Ultimately my goal is to connect to the client’s higher self.

When it’s my higher self to their higher self usually there’s a sense of ease and clarity about the decision.

Sometimes it’s a clear no, sometimes it’s a not right now and sometimes it’s a hell yes from both of us. 

It’s NOT about getting the client to their higher self so they can be a YES. It’s getting them to their higher self so they can make the best decision for themselves.

If I zoom out and look at the whole economy sometimes there’s money that’s being saved from a peaceful place of planning for the future. And then sometimes there’s money being saved from a scarcity place of “I just need to stockpile more and more money in order to be safe.”

When many people are in a scarcity stockpiling place, that’s what creates a recession.

So I see my sacred sales as a TINY piece of the puzzle of keeping money flowing through the economy when it’s in alignment.

If someone wants to work with me but is not investing from a place of scarcity – my work is with my posts and sales convos is to invite them to trust themselves.

And also my posts and sales convos are to repel or weed out folks who aren’t the best fit to work with me because, for example, they’re not deeply spiritual and so won’t resonate with the way I work.

When you do marketing and sales, my invitation is to come from your higher self and to be writing or speaking to your clients higher self.

Of course you’re going to come from a graspy young place sometimes. You’re human. Don’t shame yourself because we literally ALL do this at times. It’s totally okay.

But if you notice gently soothe the young part. And when you’re ready gently come back to your higher self.

This is sacred work. Sales can be sacred when you tune into God or your guides or your higher self for support.

You got this,

PS If you want support doing sales and marketing in a way that feels sacred and aligned with the purpose of your life, I can help.

I want to offer you a free consultation where we’ll explore what from the patriarchy or your childhood might be blocking you from fully embracing sacred sales. First you’ll answer a few questions that’ll help you gain more insight and then we’ll hop on Zoom to go even deeper and to see if working together longer term is aligned with what your higher self wants.

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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