Love It or List It Lessons…

I’ve been binging Love it or List it and it’s really clarifying some things about selling.

If a house isn’t properly staged, the buyers typically don’t want it. But when they can see what it CAN BE they want it WAY MORE.

The furniture doesn’t come with most houses but it helps them see where they’re going.

When you’re selling to clients you have to help them see the vision of what their life will look like after working with you.

I think sometimes people say they don’t want to promise results because they’ll be cheating their client.

But that’s like saying you don’t want to stage the house with beautiful furniture because their clients might not be able to afford that gorgeous sofa right away.

Yes, it might take some time for them to “save the money for the furniture” aka work with you long enough to achieve their vision. And they might have to live with their current IKEA furniture aka current life for a while.

Now I don’t guarantee results with my prospective clients but I show them what’s possible for their life and that I believe they can get there if they stay committed to the goal.

The same way I believe that they can save up for that beautiful sofa if they prioritize it.

And I invite you to do the same whether you’re selling a product or a service or you’re selling yourself as the best candidate for a job.

You got this.

All the warmth this FEB,

PS I’m a huge reality tv advocate ;).

PSS If you want to learn how to sell your art or service in a way that feels easeful, feminist, and ethical I can help.

First, I’ll tell you all the amazing reality tv shows to watch that teach selling in a healthy way.

And then, we’ll look at all the programming the industrial patriarchy put in your brain that makes sales feel sleazy and slimy.

I’ve had clients go from:

    • no website, no instagram, basically hiding her AMAZING art in her parents basement to getting into stores, getting website up and an instagram where she sells way more inventory
    • working 2 day jobs with a secret private Instagram to quitting BOTH, going public, and having it even surpass my IG in a few weeks!

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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