Attracting Sexual Partner(s)

When I did a poll in the Trauma Informed Witchcraft FB group, the thing ppl seemed to be struggling with the most was finding sexual partner(s).

Here are the steps:

1. What You Want

        • Short term vs long term
        • Polyamourous vs monogamous
        • Romantic vs Friends with Benefits
        • What qualities do you want in your partner(s)?
        • What are you deal breakers?

Its hard to find what you’re looking for, when you aren’t sure what it is. So start by getting clear.

2. Inner Child Love

When you’re a child, you expect your parents to take care of you and this is healthy.

But then Hollywood has also painted a picture that your spouse will take care of everything and tbh I totally fucking fell for it and wanted a partner to complete me.

After a bad break up in my 20s, I even drunkenly tried to convince someone who liked my roommate to sleep with me to validate that I was still an attractive and datable person.

But when I’m able to take care of my own needs and search for a partner purely from a place of “wouldn’t it be fun if I met someone” things changed and got lighter and easier.

3. Amazing Life

I even had that graspy desperate inner child energy at times when looking for a friend. Like I needed a “best friend” to validate and complete me.

But when I learned to have multiple friends that I loved, improved my masturbation game, built my spiritual connection to God and was going social dancing multiple times a week to meet my needs for physical connection, it was much easier to attract an amazing partner because I already loved my life.

How can you make your life just a little more amazing?

4. Meeting Ppl the Fun Way

How do you like to meet ppl? What’s fun for you? If you’re looking for sexual partner(s) the more ppl you meet the better your odds.

Since I’m an introvert I used dating apps and would do a screening phone call b4 I met anyone on a date.

But you can meet ppl bowling, on zoom hangs, on a sports team, in bars whatever would be fun for you.

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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