Ep #79 – Time Hacking with Vikki Louise

Vikki went from procrastinating all the time in corporate to working 80 hour work weeks in her first business. Then she figured out how to make $100K in 6 months, much faster than everyone kept telling her it would take. She realized, “Things just take time” is a lie and applied what she learned to make $100k in 6 weeks and then in 2 weeks.

She’s now a Feminist Time Coach and makes amazing money while works 15 hours a week (or even less these days because she’s currently pregnant…)

In this episode, she’s going to teach you how to hack time and achieve whatever your sacred goal is even more quickly than you imagined.

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Connect with Vikki:

Vikki is a Feminist Time Coach. She is a reformed hustler turned time hacker. She helps her clients unlearn the rules of time and drop time management to-do’s for good so they can achieve more, earn more and live more through her group coaching programs. She also hosts the Hack Your Time podcast.

Website : https://vikkilouise.com/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/feministtimecoach/

Author: Bryn Bamber

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